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Get Rid of Acne Naturally - 95% Guarantee - Desperate? Read this solution.

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Here's my own personal experience on acne. I've been having since I was 11. It was bad and over the years I've learnt all about acne - why, how it occurs. I'll cut to the chase because you're probably desperate for a solution. These ideas have probably been posted before but this is my own thoughts and I can almost guarantee that your acne will go down within a week and stay off.

1. Exfoliate the skin

You've heard it 1000 times but this is the most crucial part of removing acne. Your skins needs oxygen and because dead skin builds up, you block pores (with dead skin cells) and esstentially this causes acne. However, skin on the face is different to skin at the arm/leg/back/etc. The reason why people's skin peel when they use products is because that is their dead skin cells - not because the product is bad.

To remove dead skin cells efficiently you need a good exfoliator. The key thing here is that I have a glove. Firstly I soak my face in warm/hot water using a face towel and then a use the *Moderator edit - product name removed. Read the board rules. This whole post reads like an ad.* This is a NATURAL EXFOLIATOR. The material rubs on the face and removes the layer of dead skins cells revealing the new and healthy layer of skin. Im Aussie so you can buy this glove *Moderator edit - site name removed. Read the board rules. This whole post reads like an ad.* for $50 - pricy but worth it. Personally, I dont know any chemical products that work just as good. The glove doesn't cause flaking like chemicals it removes the dead skins cells gently and efficiently more so than chemicals.

2. Sleep

Contrary to myth busters - lack of sleep does cause acne. Your body's 'beauty sleep' is usually from 12-2 am. Sleep is essential in healing, and removing acnes naturally. Whenever I get a full 8 hours my acne goes down. You need a good nights sleep to make sure your acne goes down. Note that this is continuous sleep. People who have interrupted sleep might have problems.

3. Diet

Its true. NO SUGAR. I used to eat junk food and like truckloads of it. Since I changed my diet, the acne disappeared. Sugar is what causes oil production. Teens who eat chips, biscuits, cakes, soft drinks are taking in excess sugar. This stresses the oil glands in the bloody creating excess oils. As the oils block the pores they create acne. Its important to reduce sugar in your diet as much as possible. NO JUNK FOOD.

4. Keep up these kep points.

Exfoliate your skin regularly. You will find your face may be dry and then oiling up quickly. You will need to wash the oil off gently day and night. Use soap if you want but it will dehydrate your skin.

Sleep is the nourisher of life. It will make acne and boils go down, guaranteed. Make sure your room is clean and change your pillow covers weekly.

DIET IS KEY. I cannot stress how sugar will kill you. No lollies or chips or anything with sugar/excessive fats and oils/carbs. Try to keep it down to as low as possible.

I'm 17 now. My acne is disappeared. Its taken me a few years to research and figure all this out.

I hope it helps. I was desperate. It can't hurt to try this for a week - two weeks at least. And i guarantee you it will go away.


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