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Second round of accutane

Hi. I used this site for inspiration during my first round with accutane over a year ago, but I never registered. I express my greatest thanks to the site administrators for maintaining this site so well and thoughtfully, because it was a great help back then and it will undoubtedly be a great help now.

Now for some background information before starting my log. I began getting moderate acne when I was just turning 14. At first it was nothing major, just a couple small zits here and there. However, as time progressed, my acne worsened to the point of cysts all over my face (both the upper around the forehead and the lower around the jaw area), and my upper back. I went through two years of this, and as many of you did, tried everything over-the-counter with no success. Finally, I had had enough and made the decision to take accutane. I was 16 at the time and it was in October when I started. Accutane was rough at first, specifically because of the dry face and the chapped lips combined with the winter cold. Even with a prescribed moisturizer, my face would still feel and look as if it were dried to a crisp, and it was painful to even eat or smile because of opening my mouth. Nevertheless, about 3 months later, I was cleared, and I was happy

At around the 4th month of my treatment, however, I began breaking out with rashes on the tops of my wrists. I had been clear for an entire month when this started happening. We scheduled an appointment with my dermatologist and he thought it would be safe to take me off the treatment. I stopped taking, and a month later, my skin looked great. 6 months after that, my skin looked great. A year after that, my skin looked great. Accutane cleared me for an entire year. It was about a year and 2 months afterwards that I started noticing little zits again, like I had when I was 14. About a month after noticing this, it was back (and with surprising quickness), and although it wasn't as bad as it was when I began my first treatment of accutane, it was still bad enough to take another course (about 20ish on my face at a time, with large cysts and whiteheads). I didn't hesitate with my decision to take a second course, mainly because it is summer and I've graduated from high school. I'm attending Auburn University in the Fall, and I want to be cleared up before college starts. So I'm going to log it in order to help myself through it and to help anyone else who is on it or is thinking of taking it. I've already taken one round of this, I know perfectly well what I'm getting myself into again, so please feel free to ask me any questions and I'll try and answer them as best I can.

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I'm currently on day 4 of the treatment. I'm already experiencing the dreadful initial breakout that happens for about the first week or two of accutane. My face has absolutely flared up, and there is little I can do right now to stop it. I'm using cetaphil bar soap and pandel moisturizer at the moment (This is the moisturizer I used during my first take, and I still had about a quarter of a tube left. I will probably have to get another one before this treatment is over). One thing I forgot to mention in my first post is that my acne never returned to my forehead, just my jaw/lower cheek area and a little bit on my back, which really doesn't compare to my jaw/lower cheek. This gives me hope that this treatment will be faster than it was before, since my acne is slightly less severe. It is especially painful around my mouth, as was the case during the first round. It hurts to eat, yawn, or even smile. I will try and update this once every 3 days or so, but I will check back regularly to see if anyone has any questions or comments.

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im in the exact same situation! im interested to know how you're doing...has your ib cleared up/do u think the treatment will work faster

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