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frustrated like no other......

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im 21 and ever since i started working in a factory ( i since then quit) i always had mild acne. its not pimples that drive me crazy. i can live with 1 or 2 pimples, they're not real hard to get rid of. its whats left over that drives me nuts. i have these tiny little brown spots on my right cheek that wont disappear, no matter what i do to it. ive tried a higher % of benzoyl peroxide, and sometimes they seem to be fading. but they always seem to reappear. i also have the same spots on the side of my head and in different spots on my face. sometimes certain spots on my face become red. i have no idea what these spots are, my derm. told me it was acne bruising. but everything ive tried to get rid of it hasnt worked. i use neutrogena face wash every nite (the one with the sacrylic acid in it), plus st. ives exfoliation cream every other night. for topical medicine, i simply use clearasil since the benzoyl is known to rid of the marks. on the 2 or 3 pimples that are on my face, i use tretinoin. about 15 minutes after i do all of this, i use a face moisturizer to help moisturize my face. i do that every other day also.

if anyone can help clear my face 100 percent, i'd be forever grateful. ive noticed certain things make my skin break out (drinking espcially) and ive stopped doing what ive noticed causes these breakouts. im constantly thinking about my face, and why im cursed with these marks. theres tons of things i wont do now because im embarassed of these stupid marks. please help!!!!!!

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I think I have the same problem as you and I have yet to find anyone else. I don't get too many pimples or anything. In fact my acne is pretty under control, I dont break out too often, and if i do i don't really mind...its these marks that won't go away. My red marks have faded, but these tiny little brown spots are still hanging around...sometimes it looks like tiny little holes in my skin (they're not pores...i'm not THAT stupid like some people, lol). NOTHING is getting rid of them. I wash my problem areas with SA and 10% BP and try to leave the brownish marks alone in case the bp is affecting the healing process...it seems to have worked a little bit.

I also just started using a Neutrogena product for blemishes and to repair skin, it's called Healthy Skin, Anti Wrinkle, Anti Blemish. It has Retinol to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, so i thought maybe it would help with these marks and some scarring I've got going on. So far I've had positive results, and i've only had it for a couple weeks.

I think I'm going to try glycolic acid soon and see if it helps. Good luck with yours! lol...I know they suck and it is soooo frustrating. Hang in there! :]

oh, and I didn't have these marks until after I started my movie theater job. So I don't know, maybe something in the environment, like with at your factory, contributed to the appearance of these marks.

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hey thanks everyone for the responses....ill try when i have the time to put up a pic...then you guys could see what im talking about. its def. not blackheads tho.....i dont really have that many pimples on my face. do you know whats a good glycolic acid i could use, and where can you purchase it at?

i def will try some supplements. i actually remember when i took a supplement for my workouts, my face seemed to really clear up.

can glycolic acid cause more harm than good though??? i dont want to be stuck having it look worse than it currently is.

clapyourhands, im glad to hear you've found something that helps take them away! ill def. try out that neutrogena face wash. i think working around high amounts of grease and oil causes these breakouts. i currently stoppped working at the factory, and still cannot get rid of these blemished. i noticed that before i worked there, i had clear as clear can be skin. i noticed the very first week or two, i started breaking out in places i never had before. i only wish i could go back in time and never work in that damn factory

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and does anyone seem to find dermatologists a waste of time and money? i went to my dermo, and he caused alot more problems than good. he at first gave me a cetaphil wash morning and night, and then differin as a topical for at night. well, it made my skin extra oily, and so the next visit, he prescribed to me a cleansing pad. that burned my face, so i went again. he took away the pads, and then gave me a higher % of benzoyl peroxide. still didn't help. they seem to at times not know whats going on.

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