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WHY!, after good news always comes bad news...

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i had my 1st derm app today, an im getting Accutane


but JUST now...i read my moms emails to my sister and she said she made a app. for my cat "Beardie" to get to put to sleep 2maro, my mom love me and she said on the email to my sister that she isent telling me till 2marro so i can sleep 2night and stuff...

but man i love this cat, hes turning 19 july 3rd, and im only 15

so i had him my WHOLE LIFE. and im bad at death im a big baby when its to death.

im crying thinking about it and everyting.

i dont want him to go...i mean i know hes old but i want him to die natural,....it feels like im killing him by getting him put to sleep.... i can picture it...as where in the room as hes gettin put to sleep his big eyes looking at me teared up meowing loud looking at me, and i can picture the meowing as sayin "WHY ARE YOU KILLING ME STOP, I LOVE YOU JOEY"

i dont know if i can deal with this...i love him 2much....im crying now lol...im ah dude and shouldent cry but im a baby when it come to death.....

please can anyone shed some light, or help or tell me something to not make me so sad.

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If the cat is that old, just imagine how it must feel. If you love the cat, you'll let it be put to sleep. I'm sure it was a great cat, so it's okay to cry about it, you're only human.

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Guest kiwikali

think of how peaceful it will be for your cat to pass away by slowly falling to sleep, instead of dying of a painful disease or worse. my horse i had for 13 years died last year because she had a broken leg, and was in so much pain, i had no choice. but she went peacefully and didn't feel a thing, so i know she's in horse heaven somewhere in a a meadow of dandelions and oats (her favorite to munch on) :D i'm sorry about your cat, but damn that's an old cat, you are very lucky to have had her for so long.

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It's terribly hard to let go of a loved one, and when that loved one is an animal, it seems even harder. I lost two cats in six months last year and the pain was nearly unbearable. There is nothing anyone can say to make it hurt less, except to know that your cat is loved and nothing, not even death, can change that.

When we put down both of our cats (the first one was old age, the other one had a complete kidney failure), I expected them to fight it, to look at me wondering why I was doing this. But I swear to you, the last look they gave me and my husband were ones of relief. They understood and they were ready, even if we weren't. I was infinetely both saddend and proud of the grace they handled thier deaths with.

I promise you this - animals know the difference between someone killing them and someone they love easing the pain. They know this and in those last moments, you will not see any anger or fear. They will sigh with relief and then they will go. And you'll hurt for awhile, maybe months, maybe years. That's okay, too. This is loss and this is grief - not easy things.

Please keep writing - putting down a pet is one of the hardest things a person ever has to do. This is not easy. We're listening.

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Sorry for taking so long to respond.....

Me and my mom were crying so hard the whole car ride there and in there petting him while they where doing it, he seemed peacefull, he didnt fight us or the Doc. he seemed like he was kinda happy ....he didnt even cry he juss wanted me to be with him and pet him...

thank you guys out the depth of my heart, and elsewhere thanks for your post thats what helped me thew it some. my cat gave me the same look like he was saying thank you.....

and yep radical coplex your right lol,

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