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acne on abdomen, crawling way down to stomach

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april 2005, at 17 an 10 months old, break out in few pimples in the centre of my chest, 2-3 weeks later spreads to back and further chest. 3 months then, my back is COMPLETELY covered and bleeding. Seen a doctor, he didnt even want to prescribe me anything at 19, saying it will 'die down' when skin matures, I said i've had it for years, he gave me minocycline in the end, did nothing, summer came round managed to burn half of it off. then winter cam again, so bad it become.

I went and seen a dermo as it was creeping down to top of abdomen, she gave me ethromycin, it helped a bit, microdermo visits helped too a bit. Summer came, i bought tanning lotion and just burnt it all off. In a week, walking around in summer no shirt on... so good!

I've given the H and S a go. put it on and just let it BURN the skin! It has worked Wonders for my back, you couldnt find a pimple on it!

Have a dermo appointment tomorrow morning. dont know what will happen. oh yeah, my face I asked a GP for a referral to a dermotologist. he asked 'why?' I said 'acne'... He goes 'haha, whats wrong" (joking about my acne remark, I said, "no... ACNE, on the body"... dont get acne at all on face. It's flawless, I wish it wasnt.

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