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I'd just like to tell you my story.

I've had mild acne for about 3 years and finally decided I'm not going to take it anymore. So my dad ordered ProActiv and he was like try this. I took the product and used it for a month and saw no results and told him to send it back.

He sent it back, but they then RECHARGED him and sent another. I was so angry with them, I put it on the top of the toilet thingy, and it sat there for 3 or 4 months. One day I saw my acne was terrible and I looked at the box. I had nothing else to use so I decided to use it. I put it on, and my pimples seemed to disappear slightly.

I then looked at my hair and was like Oh sh*# I need a haircut. The problem was that I had severe acne on the sides of my head but my hair was covering it, and I was very embarrassed to go get it cut. So I said to myself "Am I going to let this take over my life?" I then got the ProActiv out in fulll swing!

I started with dabbing for the first week. Did absolutely nothing !

Being very angry I then said fu** it, I'm going to get this DONE! I woke up the next morning put all 3 things in the shower with me, used it very generously, and guess what? I saw zits dissapearing!

I then started at night doing the same thing but putting the mask on too and falling asleep with it on. My face felt very very dry, but I didn't care! It was worth it. A couple more pimples went away.

After 2 weeks of doing this all I have is scaring left! I am so pleased with the results. Now all I have to do is wait for the scaring to disappear and I will be CLEAR.

Thats my little story, I wish my camera was working.... I broke it trying to take a video of me doing a wheelie on my motorcycle. shh don't laugh lol.

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