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Anyone here ever get called Acne Names?

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Friends comment on it all the time. Typical "Pizza face" and "Omg, you have a freaking TOWN on your forehead." I pick, so it doesn't really help when it either becomes a dark scar or an inflamed ... wound-looking thing that's bleeding and just HUGE. Now I just ... try to leave it be. People stare. A lot of people at my school hate me, so it gives them something to talk about. But no one ever says anything to my face because they all know I'd either return the snarky remark and leave them dissed and speechless, beat the crap out of them, or cuss them out. None of those options look good on their reputation, and will just boost my violent one. :rolleyes:

I don't make fun of people, and I never did. I think there were only two people that I'd seen the acne was SO bad that even I started to stare, but it's rude. I think it only makes me feel worse because I used to have the clearest skin and was considered attractive. Now I'm just the Violent Chick with Zits. Like many of the people have mentioned about ProActive comments and stuff--It really ticks me off. It's like, You don't think I've tried everything I could get my hands on?

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I've been called lots of fun acne names. Pizza Face is the least original and most often used one. I try to ignore it but it hurts. I also hate it when people I barely know feel the need to give me "helpful" acne advice. Like I haven't already tried everything! I don't need my friends' parents telling me how to take care of my skin, that's what I see a dermatologist for. People who have never had acne think there's some miracle cure out there that's good for everyone and if you have acne, you must be dirty or lazy or eat McDonald's for every meal...argh!

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I no longer care what people think of me. I have a girlfriend.. (the most beautiful girl in the world) and thats all I really need..

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i get names once in a while and i dont handle them well. for instance on time this black kid tobe (thats seriously his name not being racist )always said things like nice acne mustasch oor beard and on day he called me pizza face and i called him burnt toast and we almost fought right but my teacher stopped us and later he relized how much it hurts and we became friends again

another timethis bitch danielle and her friend kept sayin shit like get proactive and shit so i told danielle she was chubby stuck up bitch who no one likes and her friend is like 4' 10" so she was called a troll

what i cant wait to see what people think of me after my sotret treatment

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Unfortunately my best friend is known for making fun of me and she doesn't even realize how much it hurts. Like one time she said we were like twins, and then added (in front of about ten people) "Except I don't have pimples" and then once she said my face felt like the opposite of the moon. Whatever the fuck that means. Opposite of craters, I guess? And I'm like wtf bitch, you may be my best friend but stfu. It's okay though because she's the only one that does it and all my other friends reprimand her for it, say things like "well not everything has perfect skin, you know"

So it's okay. And guys still like me better than her anyway :]

Haha wow we are some shitty best friends...

lol I have a girlfriend like that....but I know she does it because she has the worst self esteem ever......she'll say it's not bad when we are hanging out, and then she'll make comments about it being bad in front of guys. I honestly believe she does it because she knows she's prettier than me and it really upsets her when people like me more, but people just respond better to me than her because she's kind of lacking in personality/intelligence/sanity :) anyway we aren't even great friends, she's more like the one girlfriend i keep around just in case i need a girl, so i usually expect that kind of pettiness out of her.........

also, i don't know any girls who wash their face with shampoo so............

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Ah Ive never been made fun of to my face ( Maybe behind my back?)

But I have had some family members give me "advice" on what to do, which I take kindly to.. for the thought but at the same time Its just like .. Pretend its not there okay?

My friends never mention it :) They know Im shy, have low self confidence and they love me.. so they dont want to break me!

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