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Accutane with B5...is it ok??

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I am currently taking accutane and I am on the 2nd month of a 5 month treatment. I have also started taking b5 about 3grams a day to help speed up the process. I am wondering if this is ok and if I have to worry about anything. Also am thing about adding taking a 50mg of zinc with what I am already taking. If you have any suggestions or concerns please let me know. I have sever back acne that will NOT go away and is very painful at times not to mention unpleasant to look at. Thanks.

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Hi, please get off of accutane! It's causing more harm then good. There is no magic pill that will get rid of acne. You need to change your eating habbits completely and exercise.

Accutane has many side effects one of which is damage to your liver. Cucumber, Lime and Raspberry are the key to fighting acne from within. You need to clense your blood by eating proper foods. No pill will ever do that.

You must eat the proper foods and speed up your metabolism. Cardio and some light strength training with the exercise bands will help get your blood moving and making use of the fresh fruits and vegetables you eat.

I personally juice everything because I honestly don't like eating vegs but I know that they are good for me and drinking it is much easier and much more effective then eating it.

When you turn something into a liquid form the body is able to absorb it better. This is why you should exercise for 30 minutes and then drink a nice juice you created with a juicer. The body absorbs it quicker because it's tired and in need of nutrients.

In a way you trick your body to absorb the nutrients quicker by working out first and then drinking your fruits or vegetable juice.

Good Luck!

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