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Im just wondering how many people find that milk doesnt effect there acne? Im one of these people that stopped drinking milk when i saw it mentioned on here but ive never known if it effected my acne at all. I like milk so i dont want to give it up for no reason if it isnt effecting my acne. Is there anyone that gave it up, but then tried it again and found it made no difference to there acne at all? I want to try it again, but just fear what it may possibly do.

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Hi paul,

Well i have heard that dairy (cows milk) can make acne worse, there have been serveys done if you research the internet, whikapedia did a servey on women only and found a link between drinking semi skimmed milk, the ones that didn't drink it had an improvement in there acne, milk contains the hormones that can lead to acne that is already present in teenagers when the acne years start.

If you have bad acne and you do drink a lot of milk and eat a lot of dairy, it would be worth cutting down on it a lot and seeing if it makes an improvement or not. You could cut all dairy out and be carefull to get enough calcium from other sources, like toffu, green leafy veg, sesami seeds, soy milk and cheese, and yogurt etc just for a couple of weeks and see if you see a difference or not. If your acne gets a lot better then you could either introduce it back in and be careful to limit your amount to half a pint a day in tea and coffee and cereals, and jsut eat it in moderation and see if that is ok.

If you have already tried giving it up and you have had no improvement then i would say you don't need to worry about consuming it as i am sensitive to spots but i don't think milk makes mine worse, but i don't drink and eat a lot of dairy and i drink a lot of fruit juice and water, and tea so i don't know if i consumed a lot if it would make a difference. I do think you have to be consuming a lot for it to effect your acne, if it is going to.

See what you think. Test it for 2 or 4 weeks.

A lot of people are lactose intollerent which means they cannot digest milk, this has also been blamed for causing acne, although lactose or something in the milk, is not present in cheese or yogurt so these are ok to eat if you are lactos intollerent.

Try always having a glass of orange juice after your cereal, it will help you absorb the iron and digest the milk.

If only it turned out milk caused you spots and cheese and yogurt didn't it could be a common lactose intollerance.

I don't think you will need to give it up forever, and even if you are lactos intollernt it is not really a danger to drink it, it can just cause a bit of stomach ache etc.

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I've found that milk does not affect my acne. I've read on here that it affects other people, but i've been lucky enough to be ok. I've found soy milk breaks me out, and I drink acidolphulus (sp?)low fat milk, and i've been good. I dont eat alot of other dairy besides the milk though.l

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