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I used Murad Acne Complex Kit recently for to help my moderate acne but it made my skin so much worse! I had started breaking out more often so I decided to use it after seeing commercials and reading the testimonials online. After using this product I started breaking out worse the pimples were bigger and were leaving terrible scars. If this wasn't bad enough my skin started to get very sensitive and very dry like it was flaking! I stopped using Murad but any product I used still stung badly (no matter how gentle the product was). I calmed the sensitivity down by using Aveeno ultra calming cleanser, night cream, and aloe vera.

My skin has still not completely recovered from the Murad and I had read people's reviews so I wanted to know what other people did to help recover from the sensitivity and to control the new pimples. I'm afraid to use anything because I don't want the skin to become hypersensitive again, but I am starting to break out again and I want to stop the breakout without destroying my skin like Murad did.

If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. I have moderate acne now and my skin is now dry after using the Murad but it still breaks out. My current regimen is in the morning I use Aveeno Ultra Calming cleanser and the day lotion with spf 15. At night I was with the same cleanser and I use aloe vera from the plant (which has helped prevent scars from the acne I got from using Murad from leaving scars but doesn't really stop new acne from forming).


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I was actually considering Murad Acne Complex, but that was before I read all the negative reviews (yours included) on the board. I think people would either break out severely or not get any better at all, which is terrible.

I was in a similar situation as you, though I had been using a different regimen - the acne.org one, to be exact. I've since realized that my skin REALLY doesn't take to BP, so it was a really dumb idea. I'd suggest you be as gentle on your face as you can stand to be... wash with a mild soap or cleanser, and moisturize with something oil-free afterwards if your skin is very dry. Try not to use any spot treatments, becuase you'll just up further irritating your skin as it heals up.

I'm assuming that it hasn't been long since you tried the Murad, though - my advice is probably only useful if you used Acne Complex very recently. It's just a simple way to give your skin a break before you start another regimen. If it's been a while, I'd suggest you look for an alternative treatment.

I stopped using the Murad about 3 weeks ago. I made the mistake of trying to start spot treating with BP but it is too soon the skin is too sensitive. Murad might work for you, but from what I've read on here it does more harm than good. The cleanser is ok I liked it better than proactiv because it didn't have the scrubbing beads which were harsh on my skin. The treatment gel is terrible it burns when you put it on and didn't help stop any breakouts. The lotion isn't great either I don't think it's moisturizing enough for how strong the treatment gel is.

I decided to stop using any treatment for the acne right now I'm just using a cleanser and moisturizer in the morning and cleanser and aloe vera at night. I do have to admit the aloe works slowly but works much better than chemicals have, especially when it comes to the scarring. If you're skin isn't responding to the chemicals I would suggest trying the aloe there is very little chance of having an adverse reaction to it. It moisturizes, helps the acne you have now, and helps lighten scars. Of course it won't work as fast as chemical treatments, but if you're skin is being sensitive like mine it really helps. It also gives your skin a nice glow which is always good.

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Yeah, I totally nixed the Acne Complex idea - it costs a lot and I don't want to keep trying a bunch of potentially harmful treatments on my face. It's gone through enough. :doubt:

If you'd like a more natural treatment for spots you just HAVE to treat, look into tea tree oil. Don't apply too much, though, and be sure to dilute it if you think it'll irritate. How's your skin doing?

My skin has improved a lot since I stopped using Murad and switched to aloe. Right now I have 3 or 4 pimples on my one cheek. Hopefully I won't get more or as many as I did with Murad. The scarring is also being helped by the aloe so I will continue to use that. I will look into the tea tree oil. I don't hope it won't irritate my skin too much since it is natural. I know my skin is still to sensitive to BP or SA. I am planning on just spot treating for while since the skin has gotten so sensitive.

Where can I get good tea tree oil? Is there a specific brand you would recommend?

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I've also been taking Vitamin C after seeing that people on this site had good results after using it. I've been taking it about a week and I have noticed that my skin has a healthier glow and has been healing the acne I have faster than normal. I take Ester-C brand 500mg in the morning and 500mg at night. It's also good for your immune system and its water soluble so I figure it should be okay.

I know other vitamins are good to take for acne but I'm afraid to try them unless they're water soluble.

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