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is this a scar?

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hi everyone this is my first post... it is kind of a half vent/rant on my part, only wished it was more positive. These past two weeks for me have been pretty bad and now this to top the cake (figures)

so I had a mild break out on my forehead which is usually no big deal for me since it always heals up well and leaves no scars, but one pimple got really infected, now this morning I wake up and I thought it was finally healed I look in the mirror and now there is a large deep hole - the the area itself is like 2mm x 2mm and INCREDIBLY noticable. It dose not hurt which makes me think it is permanent. I am really depressed over this.

Is this a scar (possibly an icepick?) and will it heal up? Is there anything I can do to minimize or make it go away?

I dont know how it is even possible for such a thing to happen, one would think your stupid body would relize there is a (relatively speaking) giant area of flesh missing and replace it during the healing process.

I have scaring on my cheeks and nose which I can live with... but this is making me feel not good since my forehead was the only area of my face with out scars, I think i might have to look up a dermatologist to do a excision or graft..... ugh

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