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I've been taking this herb for about 3 months now and my breakouts aren't as frequent.

I've noticed:

1. not constipated anymore, i go to the bathroom everyday vs. 3x's/wk before the herbs

2. breakouts don't occur as much - 1 or 2 a week

3. feel healthier

This herb isn't advertised as a medicine for acne. It's supposed to just help improve the overall health of your body. I was introduced to it by this 80 yr old guy next door who swears that this stuff has helped him stay healthy, it's like a vitamin. He's been taking it for 15 years and he says his grandchildren used it when they had acne and it helped, NOT CURE but helped. This herb can be taken for years w/ no side effect and it's basically like a vitamin. It comes in liquid form, pill form and or you can buy the leaves and make tea with it. I take the liquid and pill form. Extended use of this herb helps improve your digestive system, immune system, cancer, skin disorders. In my culture, they say this particular herb can improve all types of disorders and diseases, it's like the GOD of herbs. Is it true? I don't know but a lot of natural products are being made by this and people make water out of the leaves and drink it. If it doesn't help acne at least it'll help your health.

Keep in mind, this guy has no wrinkles, I SWEAR! He looks like he's in his 50's. He claims it's cuz of this herb. I started w/ the intention of just taking this like a vitamin everyday for a long long time. I didn't think it would really help my skin just help improve my health and make me go to the bathroom, but I'm noticing that it's improving my breakouts, which is why I'm writing on this board.

I'm not sure if it is sold in the US, (I'm in Seoul, Korea) but I wanted to get the word out so you can try to hunt it down. I mean after trying everything while I was studying in the US, I felt like I'd be doomed forever but this herb has been a savior so far. At the rate I'm breaking out now, I see that I'm not looking in the mirror as much and I'm not so preoccupied with my acne problems. 3 months in, I definitely see an improvement, months and years later, I'm sure this herb will help me not only w/ my acne but also my health.

After all I've tried, I'm trying to stay away from anything that is not long term - topical or oral. Whatever it is, I believe natural is the way to go at least for it to last long term.



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Thanks for the additional info.

I heard in Japan it's really common, hope it helps your acne, at least it'll improve your health.

I'm in love with my tea and vitamin pills, it's awesome.

They sell all natural soap made with this herb and some say it helps the skin because no chemicals are in it and it's all natural.

After all I've tried, even if it takes a long time, I try to feed my skin only what I'd feed my body.

Let me know how the tea turns out. Remember LONG TERM use.

Thanks, it sounds interesting and I want to try it.

There is some more information here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Houttuynia

It is known as the beverage dokudami cha (Japanese: ドクダミ茶); literally "Houttuynia cordata tea" in Japan.


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