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5 years after Accutane - T__T

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1 cycle of accutane 2003 (5mos) - stayed clear for about 2 years

acne came back, worse than before i mean WORSE

i experienced the dryness, redness like everyone else

thoughts while on accutane - constantly worried about my internal organs T_T i know it sounds weird but even when i was taking the medication, i was just always worried about the long term damage it would have on my body, i mean with the constant liver tests and all and i know they do it to make sure it's all ok and stuff but i guess i'm kind of anal like that.

after 2 years of flawless skin it all came back, only worse. felt like all the acne that i didn't have for 2 years came at once. ARGH. i'm sure everyone reacts differently but this is what happened to me. i went through phase where i wanted to go back on it knowing how it felt to have flawless skin but i was too scared to take the pills and have to have my body go through it again. plus if it came back after 1 cycle, no guarantee that the 2nd cycle would clear me up. didn't think it was worth the money and risk involved.

just my thoughts. i'm sure accutane works great for some people long term, but i have a feeling those who do benefit from accutane are the lucky ones who were growing out of acne anyway and it just so happened that the acne was going away after ur accutane treatment. (sounds confusing) for me, my body wasn't ready for me to stop breaking out and so i just started to breakout again after the intake stopped.

i wouldn't recommend accutane esp. if ur anal like me. i was thrilled that my skin was clear but was always worried, my clear skin at the expense of my damaged organs/liver (i think).

if u can, try something else. but accutane sure is a miracle drug, if only it would last for everyone.

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In a sense I agree with you. I went on accutane and was a "lucky one" - it cleared up my skin and I have stayed relatively clear. (Although my skin has never been as clear as it was while still on the meds.) I have some minor and annoying acne now and random spouts of breakouts. Anyways, if I had to choose, I wouldn't go back on Accutane before trying the other alternatives again. I was always worried about the side effects too, and thankfully I didn't have any long term damage. However, for a lot of people it is worth the risk. But there is always the chance in running through all of the many options for skin care a person can find one that works before resorting to accutane. It's just hard to have that kind of patience when there is a "cure" right there, even if it may only be temporary for some.

I send much hope and luck to you, in whatever you decide to do. :) One reason why I really like this site is that everyone is valued for who they are, not what's on their face. ;) If only the rest of the world felt the same way, eh?

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Yeah I thought accutane cleared acne permanently. But mine came back also :( after 2 courses of it.

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