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My log+ questions and in need of suggestions

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Hey guys! So I'll start out with showing what I do for my skin every day...

First let me point out I'm pretty unhealthy (for those wondering- I turn 18 in a few weeks and I'm a female). I do have an average to slim body because, well, I'm lucky so I don't easily gain weight and stuff; but I'm a computer nerd. So I mostly sit in my room, stretch every once in a while and take my dog out about once or twice a day. I eat a lot of snacks- yeah a bad habit, but I'm trying to get rid of it- which I'm right now trying to replace with "liquid" snacks, as in, drinking water or milk instead. Of course when it's nice weather though, I usually go outside with my friends, probably to the beach or a nearby park (swimminghalls is a nono for me since I have a mild chlorine allergy... not good for my bacne amongst other things).

As for my acne/outbreaks; I usually only have a few zits at the same time, but it's started getting worse lately. By now you might or might not have noticed but I'm new at these kind of things, I only started getting serious about my skin issues recently. My most problematic areas... Well it's my whole face. But as I told my friend a few weeks ago; when I look in the mirror, I think of my forehead as a minefield. Really small, barely visible for some, outbreaks all over. My forehead and my nose tend to get quite oily as well; and I have lots of pores (not good at classifying these?) by my nose and cheeks as well. Where I usually get zits though, is by the nose, cheeks and chin. But when I woke up today I had two really close to my mouth; now here's a question.

Do piercings cause some kind of outbreak? I have two piercings in my lower lip, and one of the zits I got is riiight next to my newest piercing. Apparently it managed to pop itself somehow and now it's a red area. I've been trying to keep this piercing moist with unperfumed lotion and a chapstick since it was a bit dry lately.

As for how I've been treating all of this (as recommended by a person at the pharmacist's):


Neutrogena visibly clear 2 in 1 wash/mask: Quickly rubbing it onto the face, rinsing with warm water before and after.

Face gel (for oily skin).


Neutrogena visibly clear 2 in 1: Mask for about 5 minutes, rinsing with warm water before and after.

Cleansing lotion ("dry and normal skin"): rubbing it in gently, washing it off.

Skin tonic ("Normal and mixed skin"): Carefully rubbing/patting it on with a cotton pad, leaving it on.

Basiron (AC 5% benzoyl peroxide): I don't always use this, but when I do it comes in this order. Taking a small amount of it on my fingers, gently rubbing it onto the areas where I get outbreaks.

Facegel: Applying after Basiron has dried or after the skin tonic.

As I said earlier in this post, these are the things recommended to me by the pharmacist I went to. I'd love to hear suggestions on what I could improve (if anyone has the patience to read all this through, thank you! Haha).

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I tend to break out near piercings when they're new, I think it's a combo of the stuff I put on them when they're healing, and avoiding those areas with the usual treatments I use. But it's not a lasting problem once they've really healed.

Your forehead sounds like mine used to, it was just tiny bumps everywhere that probably weren't super noticeable, but they were sure noticeable to me. Using 2% BHA (same thing as salicylic acid) completely cleared up all those little bumps for me. I still get inflamed breakouts in the places I'm prone to them, but my forehead is smooth as can be.

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