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how to remove acne scars from the neck area?

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I know most acne scar removal techniques are studied with regards to scars on the face. How about the neck? Mine is mostly on the sides just below the jawline. My skin color is fair/light. What are the best techniques for that? Do silicone injections work for that area?

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I don't think there's much of difference with the neck and the face, other than the fact that the skin is perhaps thicker in the neck, which makes it a bit more tricky to get redness out, for instance.


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i think the neck skn is actually thinner. my derm told me that the problem w/ skin neck is that it moves around so much (maybe cuz your head turns n what not), and you could get weird looking scarring after a procedure.

someone else told me something, but i don't remember specifics. so, don't quote me on this. she said something like the neck doesn't have a layer that the face does (horny layer/stratum corneum, i think). but i don't remember exactly what she said about this, maybe it was somehow related to what my 1st doctor said.

i did co2 laser resurfacing from a different doctor (different from the 2 above) and he wouldn't go near my neck. they draw linez along your face, for where they will stop (like around eyez, forehead line). they drew the line a couple millimeters above my jaw line.

i did smoothbeam too, and they did my neck, no problemz

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