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accutane & birth control

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my dermatologist will not prescribe me accutane without me agreeing to take birth control. i told her i really do NOT want to take it; i don't want to gain weight and i just started prozac, so i don't want another pill in my body. she completely understood and respected my opinion, and referred me to two other dermatologists who she thought would prescribe me accutane without birth control. i called them both, and neither will do it. so my question is, has anyone taken accutane, had birth control prescribed, but NOT taken it? i really want to get on accutane, and i'm willing to fill the birth control prescription each month, and just not take it. i don't know if this will show in my blood tests, though. are they testing for the hormone? any help? thanks.

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hmm, that's really weird.

abstinence is one of the options i could have chosen at my derm, which means he would have been fine with me NOT taking BC, so long as i wasn't having sex. you might want to call around to some other dermatologists (so long as your insurance would cover them) to find out if they would be comfortable prescribing accutane to a girl who won't take BC. if you can't find a doc, then i would go ahead and just fill the pill prescription but just not take it. i don't think there's any way they can test to ensure you're taking the pill.

there's no way you would consider taking even a low-hormone pill? i'm on microgestin and it's awesome. i haven't gained a single pound or experienced any negative side effect other than spotting my first month. it's not a big deal. maybe just think about it?

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