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Hi everybody.

I got moderate acne, sometimes a bit more, and am 22 yo.

The problem is the following... When I wake up on morning, my face is really smooth, clean, and have a pure look. It looks like child skin and it s really nice.

But as soon as I put water (not cleanser, just water) on it, it starts to be painful, the blemishes seems to pop out of my skin (they look flat when I wake up), the scars seems to be more visible, and my macules and red marks become darker. And last but not least, my skin become really painful. I mean... real pain.

I wash it with Polaar shine control gentle cleanser. It is a very good product, a bit expensive but very good. But even if it s only water, I encounter the problem. I don't rub my face, just splash cool water, then use a cotton pad to put the cleanser.

I have the same symptoms after a nap : if i take a midday nap, after it my skin will look really smooth and pure. But when I put water, it starts to be bad.

Any idea ?

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There's a possibility that your water you're washing your face with is considered "hard water". Your skin type and hard water may not be such a great combination. I could be totally wrong.

I'd do a little experiment. Wash your face with water from a water bottle. See what happens. Wash your face with water from the tap, see what happens. See if the burning is still the same, or if there's any discrepancies.

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It's probably your water or you have some sort of allergy. I have lots of allergies and usually when I get my skin wet they tend to get a bit worse and my skin gets blotchy and irritated. If you have hard water, that can make your skin even worse.

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