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I Got a Sudden Breakout

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So within the past week I've gotten a nice little batch of pimples.

I was doing soooo good before this breakout is really frustrating me.

My nose is clear, my forehead, and my temples as well.

But I have one of those under the skin cysts or nodules right by my chin, a large pustule on my jawline, another medium sized pustule on the side of my nose.

And as I mentioned before it's really frustrating me because I had cystic acne back in December and it was horrible on my face, and my emotions. I really don't want my acne to come back that strong again because it took Minocycline and Doxycycline and other topicals to get it under control. And Ive come a long way since.

Now I think I have a pretty good idea as to how this is all started..

Smoking and drinking.

Ever since I started doing that kinda crap with my friends about a week or two ago that's when all hell broke loose on my face.

I just wanna see if other people have experience this.

Im at the point where I just wanna go back to my derm and have him prescribe me Accutane so I can be done with this damn acne.

I've been icing down the spots all day today hoping for some relief of the inflammation.

The pimples arent really red except for one. But they are large. Not very visible though.


Any advice?

Should I see if I can have Accutane prescribed to me?

I've been around this site long enough to understand all the side effects and all the success stories.

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Alright, could it have also had to do with shaving?

Because it seems that the large zits are mainly on my jawline and chin, where I shave.


Im going back to my derm on Wednesday.

See what he says.

It feels as if Im just taking one step back. :/

But screw it, I dont want this to get any more out of control than it is.

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I'm with you with the drinking. Whenever I go drinking, acne breakout is bound to happen. That's why for my acne - I cut down a WHOLE lot, esp. during college, which was pretty rough.

If the doc prescribes you any topical medicines such as retin-a micro, differin, etc., use it, and stay away from the drinking. Smoking I doubt it does anything, but it's bad for the aveoli in your lungs.

I hope all goes well for you, good luck.

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Thanks for the replies, I appreciate it.

I do think it's from shaving now.

Although I don't know why because I've been shaving normally for months now so I don't understand why I would breakout there.

I've always used Cetaphil's Gentle Cleanser Bar, and Gillettes two blade razors.

I'm thinking about giving the full regimen another shot.

Because when school ended (the beginning of june) I ran outta the cleanser and BP so I thought, "Egh to hell with it, Im cleared up already so I'll just use Cetaphil's Cleanser Bar and Stridex 2% Saliycic<sp? Wipes. "

It was working well since.

My family would always tell me Im clearing up and bla bla every time they didnt see me in a while.

But about two weeks, before my breakout, a friend mentioned that my acne was going away.

So that always feels good.

Do you guys think it would hurt to get back on Dans Regimen?

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