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Having trouble figuring out how often I should apply my retin-a micro.

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so my face definitely cannot handle the medication every night or every other night and my derm told me to apply it only on the weekends (fri, sat, sun consecutively) but i don't think that makes too much sense to me. anyone else with sensitive skin find a regimen that works for them?

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If you really just bite the bullet you may find that your skin will adjust to it. How bad are your "side effects"?

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try and force yourself to use it every third night. You can even buffer the RAM by applying a moisturizer first then applying the retinoid.

After a couple weeks move up to every other day and so on.

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my doctor actually told me to apply retin a micro on for 30 minutes at night and then wash it off. I've searched around acne.org and no one really has done this or seems to know about this, you could try this and see if the irritation lessens and incorporate this with the every other day thing you were doing. So every other day you apply it for 30 minutes at night and then wash it off. Try it, it might help. My doc told me that if i let it on all night i would wake up with dry red irritated skin and from previous retin a micro experience, he was right. I used to use it 2 years ago but i was dumb enough to use it twice a day, and yea it was HELL. my face was red and scaley and peely, but my acne did subside. However i am back on retin a micro to help fade my red marks if possible. Good luck!

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