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accccccccutane (i know it's repetetive but I'm so lost)

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okay so i posted before about how i'm unsure whether or not I should take accutane. I know this gets repetetive, but not many people responded last time I asked about it, lol, so i'm going to just post again because well technically i'm going to get it june 31st. my derm decided to put me on bactrim, atralin, and cleocin in the meantime and because im paranoid i stopped taking the bactrim and my face is basically the same. my acne is mild-moderate, i'm 17, and just so fed up with my pimples. i mean i have a lot of whiteheads on my forehead that bother me and no cysts, but i can feel like 2 actual zits forming. and now for my question: would you recommend taking 10 mg-20 mg for the whole course or doing the actual high dosage course? thanks so much! oh, and would 10 mg to 20 mg work for mild/possibly moderate acne?

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Oh, and I forgot to add in the past I have been on minocycline, benzaclyn, retin A, now atralin and cleocin. My skin was 99% clear earlier this year but recently because of stress and stuff i've broken out more. My derm told me that most people wish they had taken accutane earlier but i am scared of side effects i researched. I really dont know what to do dosage wise. My mother wants me to go low, my father does not want me to take it at all, and my derm hasnt told me yet.

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honey, no one can make that decision for you. I can tell you that for me, it took two courses to clear me up from mild acne. My skin is spectacular now and i don't regret taking it. Accutane comes with lots of side effects. They are not always fun to deal with and for some people, they are stuck with them longer. You make the call.

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