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Calendula for inflamed acne and healing red marks

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**I also posted this in the severe acne section because I wasn't sure where my skin fits in, and I might get different answers over there. I have a couple nodules and inflamed stuff, but it's really been healing a lot so it's more mild-moderate now.**

Has anyone here tried calendula to heal inflamed acne, picked skin, or red marks? It's normally used for healing cuts, burns, and is an anti-inflammatory herb.

A few days ago I started using organic calendula-infused olive oil as a daytime moisturizer (by diluting it further in some grapeseed oil) and full strength as a spot treatment at night. The calendula appears to be pretty strong since I wake up with my inflamed & cystic stuff much smaller. My whole face appears less red too.

I know this stuff is supposed to have a natural amount of salicylic acid, so it also seems to be exfoliating my skin, but without the dryness since it's in olive oil. My pores look smaller and my skin is less "puffy."

The places where I picked (I'm really trying not to do that anymore) are healing faster too, with no red marks. I'm pretty convinced that this is not my imagination, but I'll know for sure when my boyfriend comes home from Peru. He'll be able to tell me whether my skin has improved since 3 weeks ago.

My acne isn't severe anymore since using more gentle products, but I do get nodules sometimes. I just have a few pimples now (2 active, 7 dried up), but I also have a couple nodules near my jaw line and ears. We'll see how my new regimen works in the long term.

I'll keep you all updated!

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