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When do I increase the BP dose?

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I started the regimen a week ago and have been using Purpose gentle cleanser, Neutrogena 2.5% BP, and Aveeno Ultra-Calming lotion/ CeraVe lotion (switched to this a few days ago), until Dan's products arrive in the mail (should be today *fingers crossed*). I'm having a LOT of dryness and flakiness at this point. I've only been using a half a finger of BP. I'm confused as to when I should increase the amount of BP that I'm using. Should I wait until my skin is no longer dry and flakey before increasing the amount of BP I'm using? Or should I increase it now since it's been a week? I know that I'm supposed to increase it gradually to the full 2 fingers/ 2 pumps, but I just don't know how I will know when it's time to start doing that.

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For me, I happened to use what seemed to be very foreign thing onto my skin initially. Some cleared, some flared. I continued with moderation, similar to your dosage, till I found that its tolerable. Like, till my skin-sensitivity drops. (more of being healed)

Thereafter, in a month, the BP felt friendly and comfortable for increment. Flakiness came in much later.

I look at it at from an angle of tolerance than supposed amount. Not sure if others look at it the same.

Good Luck.

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I've been wondering the same thing. I've been on The Regimen for twenty five days now, and if I use more than a finger's worth of BP, my face gets ridiculously dry and flaky. I was using a little more every week, and eventually got up to a finger and a half, but took decided to take it down a notch because my face was so red and flaky.

I'm just going to wait until my face seems to be able to tolerate the finger's worth before I step it back up.

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Me too! I've been doing this since Mid-May and I can't get up to one full pump. I do it for one day, and my face just gets even more red and comes off in big flakes. I even use Jojoba and Emu oil. I realize by now I'm supposed to be up to two pumps, but the way my skin is reacting, it's just not possible. Unfortunately, I'm still getting the breakouts too. And, the BP is making the fine lines on my face even more pronounced.

Also, Dan's BP is easier on my skin than the Neutrogena on-the-spot, so you might want to try out his product.

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