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hey guys,

I've suffered from acne several years now and it has left a lot of scars. At this time I finished my secondary school and I have vacation now till the end of august. I'm supposed to go study at a university next year, but it's a hard decision for me what to do.

When I'm going to study I'll not have any chance to do a treatment against scars because I can't live in a student house with the downtimes after a treatment and I will have far less vacation time than I have now.

So I'm thinking of taking a year off and treat my scars and work and than start a study next year. I just want to make a new fresh start at university without scars and stuff.

On the other hand it's my goal to not let acne influence my life and the decisions I make.

Anyone had the same problem, please share with me!


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no dont take time of for scars... I know it sux, but your almost at the finish line man dont give out now!! If it was something like a major health/family issue thats one reason to take off, but dont take off to treat scars, because the thing with acne scars is, you can't treat them. The only thing you can do is wait until they go away.

So while your waiting for them to go away, get on with your future.

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Well, there are pros and cons to either option. If you don't feel comfortable going to university quite yet because of your scars then I can see how the idea of taking some time out to work and looking to gain some improvements to them might be a tempting option. But what's to say that you'll be any happier with your skin once the year is up? I don't want to sound pessimistic, but it's a possibility.

There are ways to improve scarring that don't require a lengthy downtime and which are fairly inexpensive even on a student budget, e.g. glycolic acid, needling, retin-a. The idea of having a fresh start at university without scarring is a nice one, but in reality you may not get the results you desire even after taking a year out to do all the treatments you have in mind. Then you'll be more or less in the same position you're in now but another year 'behind' and you may face exactly the same dilemma again. Plus, there'll still be chances to carry out treatments that do result in a longer downtime during the holidays at university, if you don't feel comfortable being around housemates (not that I'd imagine they'll particularly care anyway!). Job depending of course, but I imagine you'll have less free time in which to deal with downtime if you were out working as a pose to at university where you'd get easter and christmas breaks in which to seek scar treatments.

I think what it comes down to is, would you go to university next year if you didn't have scars? If the answer is a definite yes, then I think you should still go. I've been tempted by the 'fresh start' dream before and things didn't really pan out the way I'd have liked them to, I just ending up wasting a huge chunk of my life. Not that the same would necessarily happen to you, but just be careful that you're not going to regret your decision in time to come or end up feeling that you've wasted a year. Good luck with whatever you do, though.

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