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is aspirin mask dangerous

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hey im just wondering is aspirin mask dangerous? is there long term side effect? im eger to try it but after reading sumthing on the net it kinda scared me....

much help appreciated :)

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I've tried the aspirin mask a few times, I didn't feel it was beneficial to my skin (although it did make it sooooo smooth afterwards.) It's incredibly messy and smells sort of bad. I don't think there is anything "dangerous" about it. Nothing horrible happened to me any of the times I used it. I mixed about 5-10 tablets with honey and water to make a paste like consistency. I applied and let dry, gently scrubbed while rinsing the stuff off, and then applied a lotion. I actually found the recipe at http://www.xanga.com/RiceBunny/567728185/a...tiful-skin.html.

Obviously if you're sensitive to aspirin, don't do it. Also, try not applying it under your nose or near nostrils- you don't want to breathe that stuff in.

Overall, I didn't see any amazing results with it, and it seemed like more of a hassle than anything.

3/10 rating.

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Well, there's been so much controversy over this poor, innocent (but very effective) little mask on the boards recently, that someone asked me to write this review.

For most healthy people, this is indeed innocent. It should definitely be noted that anyone who's allergic or sensitive to aspirin, is pregnant or breastfeeding or has a pre-existing medical condition, including asthma or a bleeding problem, probably should avoid using this or any other salicylic acid product. But for everyone else, this should be both safe and effective.

I've been using this for over a year on a regular basis and I never do anything without researching it to death first. Several of my family members use aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) on a daily, therapeutic basis, so I've always studied every bit of information on its properties and side effects to begin with. In addition, I have a background in pharmacology and for unrelated professional reasons, I've discussed this with a dermatologist, a cardiologist and an internist - this is what I've found: First, although anything that's used on your skin is absorbed to some degree, this is not in a form (like a "patch" used for transdermal medication) which would permit its entrance into your bloodstream in any large or medically significant amount. The way the mask is used topically, whatever might be absorbed into your skin's follicles is no more harmful to your overall health than what you would absorb from an OTC BHA product. Second, most of the possible contraindications of using aspirin for therapeutic reasons center around their passage through the esophagus and into the stomach lining - obviously, this isn't at issue here.

A previous review cites increased bruising, bleeding, asthma, CNS disturbances, etc. - none of which have any connection to using aspirin topically, but to be absolutely safe, most doctors recommend that individuals who fall into the categories I listed at the beginning of this review should avoid salicylic acid products in general while they're still pregnant, ill, etc.

That said, others should feel confident using this, especially if they've been successful using BHA products in the past. As far as results go, I know quite a few people have said that they've seen immediate benefits in skin texture and smoothness and that's possible. (Topically, it might have an anti-inflammatory effect.) But for clogged pores, etc., I find that the results are cummulative and that the longer I use it, the more I notice the effects.

Sorry that this is so long and that it's less about the benefits of the mask and more about its safety, but so many people kept asking the question repeatedly that I wanted to put at least a few minds at ease. Everyone else has quite effectively stated how great it is, but just in case you couldn't tell, I totally love this mask!

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