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Got improvement on bacne.

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I've had acne on my face for a long time :( But I also started developing back acne about 3 years ago! My skin on the back would always get oily and no matter how many times I washed it, it'd get oily again! My white shirts for work, would almost always be brown/yellow color on the collar where they come in contact with my neck. (Nothing too bad though). I had about 15-16 pimples on my back at ones, one or two cysts! Really annoying. Recently my mom recommended a salt detoxifying method.

Here is what you need.

1. Sea Salt (can be rock salt, can be the small kind)

2. Warm water

3. White cotton long sleeve shirt

4. White cotton pants

5. White cotton socks

6. Towels

7. A good movie

(If you don't have WHITE cotton, just use any color cotton)

I don't remember the exact measurements, but take a bucket (or use closed sink) pour warm/hot water in it. Dissolve salts, I'd say ... 1 1/2 cups? Taste some of the water, if it tastes a little saltier than the ocean, or about the same, then you're good. Soak all the white cotton clothes in the water for a few minutes. Meanwhile, get another cotton linen and soak it the water too. Prepare your bed or place to lay down for the next 2 hours. Get a good movie. Put towels on your bed so it doesn't get wet, or use some plastic shower curtain over your bed.

Now, take the linen, and squish most of the water out of it. Take your wet clothes, and squish only a little water out of them. MAKE SURE THEY ARE STILL REALLY WET. Quickly go to your room. TAKE OFF ALL CLOTHES. NO UNDERWEAR. Put on salt-soaked clothes on, wrap yourself in the linen, then put two warm blankets over yourself.

Don't move or get up for the next 2 hours! At first it will be uncomfortable, later it will feel nice like your body is in a sauna.

After 2 hours (hopefully watching a movie, it'd be hard to lay like this for that long) get up, take your wet clothes off, TAKE A SHOWER IMMEDIATELY! Scrub yourself with some natural soap.

This should make you feel so good, and your back (hopefully) will start clearing up.

I did this 2 times, and I also jogged a few times (my back sweating) and I only have 1-2 pimples left, VERY SMALL, and one healing cystic scar. I also went outside for one day and tanned my back. That's all.

My mom did this too. She said her white clothes became yellow and smelled horrible when she was done.

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