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what type of acne do i have?

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well i am a girl and i have not yet expiereinced menstuation and i have hormonal acne. wat type of acne do i have? i go for microdermbrasions and chemical peels which boith seem to help alot. can u recomend any tips for the big pores on my nose and some stuff to help red marks adn the little bumps on my chin i have no idea what those are and the clear bumps on my forehead .my skin is usually dry. thanks so much



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You're skin actually looks great.

The "acne" on your forehead isn't bad at all and just looks like clogged pores. A good BHA (or salicylic acid) should help make them go away.

And, pores can't change sizes...but you can make them look smaller by keeping them clear. Again, a BHA or AHA can help.

However, since you regularly go for microdermabrasion and chemical peels, I'd be careful whenever adding more acids to your routine. BHAs and/or AHAs can also be irritating or drying to some people, but it all depends on your skin.

Whatever the case, make sure you lay off of harsh products three days before and three days after microdermabrasion or chemical peels.

Since your skin is also a bit dry, you could consider using a BHA or AHA in lotion form instead of gel form.

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You have acne? Maybe it's my screen, but I can't see it, so I'll say listen to what b00mer says. ;)

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