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Accutane 16 weeks! Still not 100% clear :(

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Hey Guys!

Well its 16 weeks on accutane today. The first 4 weeks were 40mg a day, and the last 12 weeks were 60mg a day (If it matters im 24/m).

There is no doubt my acne had significantly improved yet I am still not 100% clear which is disappointing, in fact I woke up this morning with a small zit near my eyebrow :(.

I just found this quote on a website:"A standard course of therapy is 16 to 20 weeks. At the end of 16 weeks, about 85% of patients are clear". I wish I was completely clear! I am starting to get a little worried that I'm not completely clear yet. Were many of you still with some zits at this point? Do you think things will get all better soon?

Thanks Guys!

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I could care less about small zits near my eyebrow. I just dont want huge cysts on my chin/forehead anymore. Most people get small zits from time to time but that is not acne.

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I am on my third course of accutane. the first course idid not COMPLETELY clear until i finished the entire course and stopped taking the meds. I don't actually remember when I cleared the secong time (10 years ago).

I am now on day 105 and not clear yet. I am not getting the huge cysts anymore, bit juicy little pimples that explode and leave a yucky scar and red mark. I want desperately to be clear. I am debating skipping the last month and just getting off accutane as I feel my complextion looks weird (colour, red marks, etc.) I know it improves when you get off it, but i will try to be patient.

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