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Im looking at Accutane

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Hi all,

Some of you probably know me and seen me on the boards- Ive been here for years... Ive done the regimen 2 times now and had good results for a while but the acne always came back. Im on my third try now almost a month in and doing ok...

Since I am older... 28... and my acne just keeps coming back (and has been pretty moderate since i was 20 or so) i feel that its time to pull out the big guns.

I dont want to just stop the regimen and get a faceful of zits again... i feel that maybe accutane is something i need to try.

Im trying to find some local doctors that accept medicaid. i am new to that and unfortunately broke as a joke and thats why im on medicaid right now. I had decent insurance at my old job last year and well things have changed and im basically just trying to get my life in order.

I hope to find something online today and start making calls by tomorrow.

I went to a derm a long time ago and they didnt want to put me on accutane at the time. Its been at least a year since i was on any antidepressants and to tell you the truth my depression started when i started to break out a lot which was in my early 20s. I dont think i even have depression- its from my own low self image and esteem... i cant look people in the eye cause i feel so gross.

I hope i can have good news and gain confidence in myself once again. its been a while.

Thanks for reading my lame post. :)

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