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SKIN CULTURE USA PEEL -6 days chemical peel process

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THIS IS THE LINK TO ITS website. Just wondering if any has tried out this product. If so, please share your experience 'cos I am about to order from them.

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I have tried this thing about half a year ago. I consistently received many e-mails from Chris Gibson (you probably know who I'm talking about) who praised this product a lot. And the testimonials from the skin culture website seemed genuine too so I decided to try the deepest peel they offer (4000). Results? I was disappointed. I won't be judgmental and declare this product as bad since I'm sure there are others who had good experience with skin culture peels and not everyone would react the same. But for me, the result was nowhere close to my expectations. The deep scars on my temples did not improve at all (though I didnt expect a simple peel to do the trick for deep scars). And even the more shallow scars and enlarged pores barely improved if they improved at all. So the peel basically was not effective for indented scarring. Regarding redness.. I do not remember clearly but I think it improved somewhat, but not drastically. The only clearly visible effect it had on my skin was that the texture of my skin was A LOT more tender after the outer layer of skin peeled off. But even this was pretty much temporary.

And be careful to try it if you you still have active acne. My face broke out pretty bad after using the peel.. probably because my skin could not breathe for days. Also, it feels very uncomfortable. My face stung really bad while I applied the creams and it just felt very unpleasant overall. But this was maybe because my skin is sensitive and I still had some pimples on my face. One more thing to warn you about.. your skin may not peel as quickly as the skin culture manual describes it would. For me personally, it took almost twice as long. And your face is going to look horrible and feel horrible until the peeling is completed. So make sure that you do not have to go out for at least a few weeks before starting the peel (if you ever choose to try it anyways.) I hope this helped and let me know if you have further questions!

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Anything associated with that Gibson dude I'd stay far far away from.

Try Platinum Skin Care or anais corporation or other similar places for great customer service with good instructions on the site itself.

Also look around on this board for reviews from members about Skin Culture USA peels (almost all bad).

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