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I'm new here - I've lurked for al ong time but only just registered recently.

anyway, part of what I posted in my Intro (in the intro forum) was saying how I felt that people were judging me as being dirty or not caring about my skin. I know that isn't true, I'm sure you guys know, that we all do more to try to make our skin nice than anyone, but unfortunately we don't have our skin cooperating by no fault of our own. So this is what gets me...yesterday I was viewing pictures from a friend online - she was in her brother's wedding. She's also an esthetician and I remarked on how nice her skin looked. And she said "I take care of my skin like an esthetician should!!"

This kind of irked me. a lot. To me it implied that those of us with bad skin don't take good care of our skin, because if we did we certainly wouldn't have the problems we have. Does she think I LIKE walking around like this? Any of us? I take care of my skin. It's just that my skin has a mind of its own. It just really ticked me off and really supported that I think people look at us and think "geez, why don't they do something about that nasty skin?" Its like walking up to someone with glasses and saying "well I take care of MY eyes" as if we have control.

I just needed to get that off my chest.

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Yeah, unfortunately, people who have never personally experienced the pains of acne will never understand fully well what it really is like. You just have to ignore them or just don't let them bother you. I mean, it's probably really hard for us to fully imagine and sympathize with the homeless, alcohol addicts, etc. right? (And I'm not saying that those things are like acne).

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I feel your pain.

One time I was at my dad's friend's house and we haven't been there for some years, so of course, they were surprised to see me with acne. My dad and his friend are really close so we were having dinner over at their place, and they have a daughter my age too. So their mom, the daughter, my mom and I are sitting at the table having some fruits before dinner and my mom, being the mom that she is, says "Oh, your daughter has really nice skin." Then their mom replies, "Oh, of course. She takes care of her skin because she's a girl, of course."

That really put me down on so many levels. I probably take better care of my skin than she does too. Our family, being the asians that we are, believe certain medicines or juices or whatever can cure your acne so--gosh. Some of the things I drank and worked for--she probably would never know.

It just happens, you know? They'll never understand. It's not because we're dirty or we don't care--it just happens that our skins are more prone to acne. It's NOT our fault. We didn't choose this.

And since we're all venting anyways, anothing thing that seriously irks me. We'd be having dinner out in public with the family and friends (mostly my parent's friends) and there'd be oily foods or whatever I'd avoid to eat. Then someone would ask me, "Why aren't you eating that? Do you not like it?" Then my mom would say, "Oh, she can't eat that. She'll get more pimples" pretty loudly. Then everyone at the table would look up at my face. Joy. >_>;;

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