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vbeam and bruising?

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is it true that after vbeam treatments you will have bad bruising? does anyone have any pics of this? and how long does it last?

also i was wondering if i could get, for example, a vbeam one time then wait 2 months instead of 1 month, then get another one?

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The bruising depends on how intense the treatment is. I've had a mild treatment which caused slight swelling and temporary (a few days), increased redness.

I've also had an intense treatment that caused bruising. It was more swollen than after the mild teatment and purple instead of just redder. This, too, was there for a few days until it went away.

You see results faster if you have a more intense treatment, but there's a higher risk of damaging the skin, if you ask me.

I've always been told there's a minimum of four weeks between treatments. I doesn't matter if you wait longer than that.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.


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I've been considering vbeam in the future for my rosacea. Does it really work on red marks?

You'll get a different answer, depending on who you ask that question.

Having said that; I'm getting treated with the Cynosure V-star (which is the same as the V-beam) and it has lessened the redness in my scar, for sure. I've had one intense treatment and now I'd say there's a 20% reduction of the redness. And I've had the hyperpigmentation for over ten years(!). So it even works on older red marks or scars or whatever you have that's red. I'm going to get more treatments and I'm confident that it will at least reduce the redness to a point where I can accept it.

Note: if you treat scars, the reduction is permanent. But I've been told one would have to get a treatment every six months in order to keep rosacea at bay.


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