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List of surgeons withspecial interest in scar reconstruction

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I have created a website listing plastic surgeons with a special interest in scarring/burns/wound reconstruction. Please go to


Having discussed acne scarring treatment with a doctor friend of mine he pointed me to an online reference of speciality doctors. Being an outsider I have to pay for it though. To save people the expense and time I have created a website with the information I have withdrawn.

BEFORE you go there please note this is for plastic surgeons in the United Kingdom. There is no info on plastic surgeons outside the UK.

I already know of Alan Phipps in Leeds who is an authority on scarring and I checked out the details on another surgeon I know, and the info was spot on. I should point out that I have not had anything done yet by any of the people I mention.

If you have had any experience of the people I mention please write in. Or if you know anything interesting about them please write in. I will be putting out some "feelers" to get an idea of who would be best for my scarring.

Hope the info helps.

P.S. I knocked this site up real quick this morning please write in if it doesn't work for you.

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Thanks so much Rupert.

Being in the UK myself this is extremely helpful to finding a list of reputable surgeons.

I will add any myself if possible when I start my scar treatment in 6 months time.

PS. Have you seen any dermatologists or surgeaons who perform at the Lister Hospital, London? I've been recommended to one by my dermatologist but I just wanted to check if anyone else has any experiences.

Thanks so much

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I hope it will be of use persephone.

You're making me feel a bit bad now about what a rush job I did.

As you can see all the info is just graphics. I screen dumped the info, cropped and resized. So some of those graphics, especially when you have clicked for more info on plastic surgeon may take a while to download if you aren't using a broadband connection. For instance a graphic may be 120KB. Equally annoying may be when you try to print straight from Internet Explorer or whatever browser you use. To avoid the printer cropping the graphic, best to right click and save the picture and put into Word and print or do your own screen dump of my info and put it into Word and print.

The whole point of the website was to get the nuts & bolts info out to those who may benefit from it. And as much as I like you guys, I wasn't going to spend the time in making it a web authoring masterpiece.

Hope the info proves useful.

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I should also point out that the links 'click here for a map' won't work either. But hey, you've got the address, try one of the online sites if you still need a map. O:)

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