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Loki's Lymecycline Log

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General Acne History

Jan 2006 - November 2007

Mild acne, but at a level where I felt it was affecting my life and medication was necessary.

November 2007 - April 2008

Practically clear skin, mainly due to Zineryt.

April 2008 - May 2008

Zineryt lost effectiveness, acne came back again; was prescribed Retin-A.

May 2008 - June 2008

Retin-A was disastrous, has excelled my acne to a moderate state, worse then ever.

Mid June 2008 Onwards

Perscribed Lymecycline and Finacea.

Previous Medication

  • Zineryt - Worked wonders, but lost effectiveness after a few months.
  • Nicam Gel - Little effect.
  • Retin-A - Disastrous, purged acne to a point where it was no longer acceptable medication and was causing scars.
(Requested Accutane, but was put on Lymecycline/Finacea).

Present Regimen (Just Started)


Neutrogina Visably Clear Sacylic acid scrub.

Neutrogina Visably Clear oil free moisturizer.

Finacea over face.

One Lymecycline tablet in morning.


Same, apart from the Lymecycline tablet.

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Not exactly the start of my regimen, but I've been on Lymcycline for 1 week and I am now going to start using Finacea alongside it.


  • General face/complexion has recovered from the Retin-A damage.
  • Have developed about 5 huge pimples around the mouth area, this is either caused by the Lymecycline or still the Retin-A effects (as I have bad acne in areas I used to put Retin-A), even though I've been off Retin-A for a week now.
  • Pimples appear to be in clusters, and rest of face is okay.

Cannot decide whether the clearness of the general area of my face is due to Lymecycline or just due to coming off Retin-A . The acne I do have is huge, pussy pimples in clusters. Both enthusiastic, yet nervous about trying Finacea tonight, hoping it will help the Lymecycline (which is taking ages to work).

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