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i need help

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I have had acne since i was 11 and i am now turning 25. last year, my skin was totally clear and i was thinking thank goodness its gone for good. but for the last couple of months it has come back with a vengence! but the thing is i am not doing anything different than last year.

I have just started in a new relationship and i am so self consious and ashamed of the way i look, i just want to be spot free so i can be myself, not someone who cant look a person in the eye or hides behind her hair.

i have been on all types of medication and i am currently on the pill. I think that my acne is hormonal as it is only on my chin and lower cheeks but nothing seems to be working anymore and im about to give up hope and can not see a light at the end of the tunnel!

...please help....any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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I was clear for a year in mid 2004 to mid 2005. Had acne since I was around 13 or 14, I'm almost 26. I don't know what I did back then, I know I could eat whatever I wanted. But regardless, for the past two weeks I've been on the paleo diet and it is working really well. I still want to give it time cause you never know, but try it and stick to it for the next two weeks. See how it goes.

More veggies, fruits, nuts, and of course fish and meat, especially fish IMO.

NO grain/cereals/pasta/bread no dairy/yogurt/cheese no french fries or burgers or anything like that, no sweets.

It's difficult at first but your body then gets used to it and you'll feel much better. Should clear up your skin, it did for me. I broke out on one day when I ate french fries.

Try it and let's see if it works:)

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