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Hey so like the title says...I've been getting dry skin under my eyebrows and basically nowhere else on my face. I wake up sometimes with flakes of dead skin on my eyebrows, its strange. I also seem to have a lot of eye lashes falling out and sticking to my face, which can get really annoying...

Right now my regimen is water only and I use Aloe vera gel and jojoba oil as moisturizers when needed but I usually just spot treat with them to help calm and fade some red/brown marks. I've tried putting the jojoba on my eyebrow area but it doesn't really help and the eyelash thing I've had for a while..The eyelash thing started happening when I used BP a lot like 5 months ago but I stopped completely and used weaker products with S. Acid and G. Acid in them and then for about 1-2 months I've been on water only and I haven't had any of these side effects since using BP..The acid products seemed to not cause it and up until a few weeks gao the water regimen never caused it either.

I've been on the water regimen with very good results other than having a bunch of red/brown spots(almost no active acne anymore, just marks) but this drying thing is strange and the eyelashes falling out is worrying me a little bit. I also seem to get a fairly itchy face at night. It's usually when I'm lying down right to go to sleep I get reeeeallly itchy in certain areas on my face but I try my hardest not to touch my face. Sometimes when I put the aloe vera on I get pretty itchy but then even when I just wash with water before bed I get itchy too..Even the jojoba oil doesn't stop the itchyness but it helps it a little.

So I have a feeling all this is connected, the dried out eyebrows, eye lashes falling out and the itchyness. They were all similar effects to when I used BP months ago, I'm just wondering why it's all coming back when my regimen is so simple and my skin LOOKS much better/healthier now, it just doesn't feel it.

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omg, that happens to me too! Well atleast the dry skin under my eyebrows. Its weird its like flaky skin under my eyebrowns its so weird. Im not sure what it is though

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