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Chemical peels and mild acne scars

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Hi. I am quite new to all this really. Yes, I too am a acne sufferer and have mild acne scarring as a repercution of poping the suckers. They mostly are apparent around my nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead. Also don't forget to include my large pores in those areas too. Well, I have been doing extensive research (Note: extensive) on different types of scar remidies that are out in the world today and I have come across the two that would be suite my type of scarring and that is Chemical Peels (Medium) and Laser Resurfacing. But my question is do they work? So if anyone can bless me with their knowledge on their successeses, unsucceses, and maybe an alternative it would be enlightening. Thanx for your participation!

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Hey there,

I've gotten chemical peels done before (but not laser resurfacing) and they seem to help fade some scars. I got one 40% glycolic acid peel done the first time and didn't think it worked that well....but I think I was expecting too much. Your skin won't automatically turn into baby's skin after just one peel....so you'll need to get more if you want to fade everything compeltely.

This site I stumbled upon explain all the facial procedure stuff way better than I can....


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