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Hey guys, im new here and thought Id share my story with you since im gunna be 27. I always had moderate to bad cystic acne from the ages of 14 to about 19 years old. when I turned 20 I felt I had enough so I marched to my derm and got a script for acutane. I only took it for just over 2 months because i felt like it was messing with my head but to my surprise It actually cleared me up completely yay.

Fast forward 5 years to when I was 25. It started with the occasional pimple which was livable, but the occasional pimple turned into the occasional cyst every few months. The occasional cyst turned into one after another after another until my cystic acne got worse than when I was 14-19. I finally went to the doc and got a script for dioxycycline(sp), that didnt work, then minicycline(sp), that didnt work. Then about 4 1/2 months ago I was perscribed sulfameth/bactrum and I havent gotten a cyst since, BUT I have huge pores and blackheads on and around my nose (where most of my cysts were) and I get occasional red marks there that arent raised and dont hurt (wierd).

I guess what im trying to get at is that I want to get an Idea what works for you guys, what do you wash with, what products do you use on your face that you have had success with so maybee you can help me. Currently I am washing with Dove gentle exfoliating 2X a day and thats the only thing I put on my face, I also suppliment with vitimin B5. Any help would be appreciated



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What's working for me is paleo diet. Gotta stick to it cause one day I had french fries and broke out, but every other days I've been clearing up or having no actual breakout (that doesn't mean I get no pimple, but I get no breakout).

So far so good. More sleep too, and I have one vitamin D supplement in the morning. I work out too but that is nothing new. I eliminate masturbation too, it helps, and I'm not hooked on it.

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