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Switching from a SA treatment to the Regimen

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So I've been on the Murad SA treatment for a couple months now. It improved my skin a bit, but nothing drastic.

In fact the biggest factors in my improvement has been the exclusion of dairy products from my diet, while incorporating fish oil pills, green tea, and ACV.

annnnyways, so I've bit the bullet and ordered the regime, but I'm curious as to whether or not there will be any adverse effects by switching from a SA treatment to a BA treatment.

any help appreeshed!

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Hey there and congrats to joining the site! I actually found Acneorg while looking for Murad reviews. I opted out of the Murad and started the DKR - with much and good results.

For most people switching products results in two things: an immediate clear up or an immediate breakout, both caused by the body readjusting to the new products. Either reaction isn't really telling to the new regimen's sucess, it's just kind of a naturual result. If you could keep a blog here detailing your treatment that would be great! http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Acneorg-R...n-logs-f35.html

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alright, cool stuff.

I will definitely try and keep an up to date report once I get my package.

Thanks for the quick reply and heads up!

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