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Hello, help newbie with sev. acne

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Get on Accutane asap. Don't waste your time on those other medicine that WON'T work.

Don't pick at those acne, b/c it will leave huge UGLY scars.

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There's undoubtedly a definite improvement from your first to last pics. :)

First off, I'm by far, no expert, just another person who knows how it feels. I would take people's urging recommendation postings with a grain of salt. Everyone has different skin, triggers, etc. No treatment or regimen is guaranteed by any means.

Have you tried "The Regimen"?

This is just a thought, but do you find yourself breaking-out after showers. Does water affect your skin. Finding the triggers is tricky...

I'm sure almost everything has worked for one person or another. Try some of the over-the counter products, A pad, Astrigent, BP, if you haven't.

If anything, I would continue what you are doing now and see if you become at least almost fully clear. You can always change and try different things. You're on your way...Good luck.

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I'm new to this site and I just read your information. I really feel for you. I looks like that you are more inclined to approach this in a holistic manner. Have you tried ProActive Solution or Murad? Here are a couple of websites that may be of interest to you and that I highly recommend. Good luck and keep me posted on your progress.

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hey there,

i really feel for you - you seem to have a really strong spirit through all of this - i've done some of the holistic things too: no-gluten, diary, no-grains [ i could only manage for a little under a week before i had to stop because i was becoming feverish and just feeling horrible and couldn't go to work like that], vitamin A, B, D, E, taurine [recently], lots of veggies and fruits etc. and the results have been pretty non-existent - so i just wanted to say like others have said, it seems like the solutions are highly dependent on the person, as frustrating as that maybe. i think you can be doing everything "right", following the many holistic theories and may not get any results - there are SO many things you could brainstorm up that maybe causing your acne - it's enough to make anyone feel a bit gloomy!

i personally think there is some mystic rhythm to my acne - and there are possibly triggers but i am ignorant to them - and in the end it is most likely just bad luck in the genetics department.

either way, keep your spirits strong as they seem to be!!! goodluck.

ps. those do seem like stressful events. maybe they did indeed mess with your body internally. i think it's a proven fact if not highly correlated that stress can shut down the immune system and is the cause of many illnesses in western society, especially places with high emphasis on work life and performance like the United States - as opposed to, say sweden [which has one of the highest levels of life satisfaction] and australia.

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*edit* scroll down for pics

Hi, I am a new member here, although I have frequented this site in the past, and even bought the products for "the regime" which I followed closely. I know this is not the introduction section, but I feel my problem is too severe, and would be better off in this section. Anyway, here's my story:

I am a 20 year old male, 6' 130lbs. I got my first zit when I was around 14-15, and had an acne problem at 18. I can say that my acne has definitely been "severe" for the past year/ year and a half. After I moved out of the house in the summer of 07 my already bad acne become much worse, which I attribute to my poor diet(which was still much better than my rootmates). When I came back to my home town I was so embarrassed that I didn't even greet my friends. And at this most vulnerable time of my life I went out with the family for a dinner, and ran into my ex girlfriend whom I heard from her friends, was still interested in me. I felt so depressed and was near suicidal thoughts, and I finally understood the gravity of my situation.

And so, on the 1st of March I quit my job and I took a break from school, in an attempt to tackle this acne problem once and for all. First, I paid $1,800 for an allergy test, and was surprised to found out I had gastrointestinal allergies to garlic, pork, and beef, which I immediately cut from my diet. I tried to adopt hypoglycemic diet, meaning no white bread or sugars, and few whole grains. I also cut out dairy entirely, as I avoided anything with high iodine content. I started eating fresh fruits and vegetables changing what was predominately a carnivorous diet to a vegetarian diet. Then I started exercising 3-4 times a week. I quit drinking alcohol and smoking pot and now drink lots of water instead. I started taking supplements; omega 3,6,9, vit a,e, b2,6,12, grape seed extract, iron, zinc, and herbal extracts. And throughout the month of April I saw various estheticians, had acid peels and light treatments, laser treatments and even this new ultrasonic treatment.

Then in April my grandmother is Japan was diagnosed with cancer. (I am half Japanese) I flew to Japan and I am still in Japan currently. I managed to continue with my diet and everything else, and I've even been able to try lots of eastern medicines for acne. At first my skin started getting a little better, but after a month it got to a point where it didn't get any better. Then it would fluctuate getting worse or better and I had no idea what the triggers were. Right now its in one of those bad swings and is almost as bad as it was before April. What am I doing wrong? I quit going to estheticians and the harsh treatments because I suspected them of making me worse. I suspected everything. Any food I ate a lot of before a bad swing I'd try cutting out of my diet, but to no avail. Now I still exercise, I still take the supplements, I still have a great hypoglycemic, vegetarian diet, and I don't smoke or drink. I wash my face lightly twice a day but I don't know what I should use on my skin anymore. The only thing I can think of missing from my supplements is taurine, which i can't find.

I'm sorry for the extremely long post but I am just very confused and I'm growing angry at myself. I hate my new diet. I was a meat loving carnivore growing up in the greatest hunting area, Alaska. I hate this suffering, which is both mental and physical. As my acne is so severe my face is constantly in pain, and is also a huge embarrassment to look at. I've gotten rid of all the mirrors in my house so that i couldn't pick at my acne, I even purposefully scuffed anything that was too shiny and reflective. I don't even allow myself the luxury of a warm shower anymore, and now exclusively take cold showers in the attempt to shrink my pores, and to alleviate some of the pain.

Any help or encouragement is appreciated, I hope that by coming to these forums I can clear my mind and find a solution to this miserable problem.

Attached are pics i just took after cutting my hair and getting out of the shower. thats why my forehead is wet.


Did u use any beauty product containing Mercury Metal?

I did use Stillman's Cream and it really fuckd up my skin

i found out a month ago that it contained mercury

i used it for 6 months

now i am getting severe breakouts

my doctor put me on accutane, zithron, derentox, clindamycin and Aloe

things getting worse but she says its good since all the metal contents are getting out

if u r applying any product with mercury

just stop it rightaway

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Hey man,

I just wanted to send you some hope and love. I know it can be hard and depressing at times. I have been struggling with my acne over the past few weeks and it has become really inflamed. I understand the embarrassment. I hope for both of us that we can be strong and it eventually will get better for us.

Hang in there,


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I am so sorry you are going thru this. My best advice would be to go to the dermatologist. It can't hurt... ;) Also..I would NOT try a soap such as zest...that is TOO MUCH perfume. A better soap would be Aveeno....Dove or something like that. Good Luck.

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