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Bleeding mouth gums and acne

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One month ago I had bleeding mouth gums. Especially near one teeth on the left top part of my mouth and other on the right top. These days my gums seems to be normal. Despite that I decided to see a dentist. She told me that my problem with the gums is hormonal-based and all I need to do is to take care of my mouth hygiene. She prescribed me Rodogyl - spiramycin-metradonidazole (http://www.curehunter.com/public/keywordSummaryC039503-Rodogyl.do)

Rodogyl is treatment of periodontal infections (http://www.straussdmd.com/periodontal-disease.asp), known as gum disease.

Here it is what I read about this type of infections:

Why should I get my periodontal infection treated right away?

People with periodontal disease have low resistance to periodontal bacteria. This causes a continuing gum infection which grows in "bursts" of activity. Each time it grows, more support for your teeth is lost. Some factors that can cause a " burst" of activity are:

1. Poor Oral Hygiene. /I think I don't have poor oral hygiene..but maybe I need to wash my teeth more often (like 3-4 days/day)/

2. Dental Plaque. /I have plaque/

3. Smoking.

4. Genetic Factors. /my father and my mother all have rotten teeth..despite that my teeth are good/

5. Stress or Tension.

6. Diet.

7. Age.

8. Illness

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Brushing more often isn't necessarily good. Brushing gently after each meal is good. Flossing daily is great. An antiseptic mouth rinse is a good thing, try it at night. Hard or too-frequent brushing will damage the gums as well and even force the gums away from the teeth, making periodontal infection more likely.

You're absolutely right about the implications of dental disease; it can affect every system in your body, including the heart. Endocarditis is nothing to sneeze at. You must take the antibiotic as ordered, finish the whole thing. Brush at least (and gently!) three times a day or after meals. If you can't brush (are away from home) you can rinse your mouth out several times with water.

A dry mouth is also more susceptible to infection and gum disease. Rinse out your mouth frequently with water, drink lots of water. Chewing sugar free gum does help increase the saliva production and that helps wash away pathogens.

Also make sure your diet isn't deficient in vital nutrients like vitamin C. Chew carrots, apples and other such fiber rich stiff foods that will also help the teeth and gums via mechanical means and the body via nutritional means.

Good luck! :)

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I have periodontal disease as do my parents and you do not need to brush more than twice a day. Every time I go to the dentist, he is very impressed with my oral hygiene and there isn't too much to clean off in terms of tartar. You want to use a soft or ultra soft brush and brush softly. If you find you need to replace your brushes very often, you are brushing too hard. Brushing too hard and too often will irritate your gums more. Floss relatively regularly and use a mouthwash. You may do well to get a higher end electric toothbrush like a Sonicare, which is meant to be used two minutes at a time. My parents swear by it.

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I was thinking, just like Wynne, about vitamin C deficiency. And there are actually some people here on acne.org who have had succes with there acne using vitamin C. I think it´s good for scaring too even taken internaly.

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Hi Yankulov,

I think you are absolutely correct about poor oral health affecting your acne. I have a good friend who, when he has a periodontal flare-up, also his skin seems to break out more. Everything in your body is connected, it is a system. I have also seen my acne almost go away as my gums have healed.

Your gums can heal themselves, but you should get to work on that right away, because the bone loss is progressive. Be very gentle with your gums brushing or you can cause your gums to recede (shrink)!! Limit sugar--even a little grows bacteria, so frequent sugars are worse than eating a lot at once. Try to floss and brush gently after ALL meals. Buy a waterpik--that is crucial, it has helped me tremendously, worth the cost. Same goes for an electric toothbrush. I think oral B brand that has oscillating AND pulsating movements are the most effective. Use a rubber gum stimulator. If you are prone to plaque, you are prone to gum disease--that's just your mouth chemistry.

Use baking soda toothpaste and baking soda solution to rinse your mouth: it is great at killing bacteria. Check out this site, it made the difference for me, and offers hope! Very smart, and famous, dentist:



Good luck.

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Fascinating topic! Thank you for sharing! I NEVER knew that gum disease could be caused by insulin resistance. Wow.

I've been studying oral health this past week and here are a few rules.

-Brush twice a day

-Use a "soft" toothbrush. Medium and Hard will cut gums and not do the job.

-Replace toothbrush every 3 months.

-The angle at which the brush is held against the teeth is 45 degrees. YouTube has a video on proper brushing:

- Try out different flossers. The gums will separate from the tooth and bones between the teeth over time if you don't floss.

-MOST IMPORTANTLY: I found that liquid chlorophyll is recommended as a natural alternative to chemical medications and mouthwashes for bleeding gums.

Liquid Chlorophyll ($11 at a health food store) is anti-bacterial (fights plaque), anti-microbial, anti-fungal and an antioxidant.

I had severely bloody gums over this summer because of a camping trip. I swished liquid chlorophyll around my mouth twice daily and the bleeding and inflammation was gone in 3 days. It usually takes 2-3 weeks to stop that.

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The works of Weston A. Price would come in handy: eat a traditional diet while preparing food traditionally.

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