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Nucelle products are simply incredible.

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To preface, I know how skeptical people are on here about all the new "OMG DRINKING 2 TSPS OF XXX CLEARED ME IN A WEEK" crap. I'll update this thread either tomorrow or sunday with before/after pics, just so people can see.

My face isn't completely clear. Actually, it's not really clear at all. It is a LOT better than it used to be, though.

Here's my story (sorry, it has to be included though!)

I've had acne since like 8th grade. It got to the point where I was embarrassed to hang out with friends, be seen in school, etc etc. So I found this website. Hooray, right? WRONG. While this site provides a wealth of knowledge, BP couldn't have been a worse 'medication' for me. As you'll see in my before pics (when I post them), BP made my skin red all the time. No matter how much I put it, on it was red. No matter how much I soothed and moisturized it, it was red. And then the little bumps came. I got little clear bumps all over my skin. They later turned red, which was odd. I still have some, but they're leaving.

Worst of all, though, was the oil. My skin was never particularly oily, but after BP, it was a nightmare. I'd be in the bathroom constantly at work, blotting my skin and being repulsed at how shiny my skin was. All from BP. The oilyness was honestly worse than the acne.

Fast forward almost a year of using this crap before I gave up. I jumped ship to tons of diff products, nothing delivered. I started spending big money on Mychelle products since they were 'natural'. Yeah, they did nothing. Might as well have been water in those tubes. Keep in mind, my skin is still oily, still red (even months after the BP), and still acne ridden.

Finally, I saw the Nucelle thread on here. I couldn't beleive the results they had done to the lady on here who posted before/after. I was hesitant to try it since they were like $35 a bottle, or something close to that. Two months later, I bit the bullet and bought it.

At first, it was a nightmare. My skin was as oily as ever, but even worse, my skin was practically falling off my face. I was told this was temporary. It lasted well over a month before I tried fixing it. I found that washing my face with soap would cause my skin to just slough off my face all day, and it was disgusting. By just washing thoroughly with water, the problem 100% stopped. I've been on Nucelle for 3 months now, and the second I use a cleanser to wash my face, it starts up again.

After I figured out this problem, I tackled the oil problem. I bought Nucelle's shine control moisturizer. Don't be mistaken, this is no moisturizer. In fact, it just makes your skin dryer. So unfortunately, I stopped using this.

My skin was getting clearer as the weeks went on, so I decided to try fixing the dryness problem. Simple solution, I wasn't moisturizing at night because I didn't care if it was dry while i was sleeping. BIG mistake that I think a lot of people make. I started moisturizing (quite heavily I might add) with Cetaphils' moisturizer at night. Like most, I find this stuff very heavy on the skin and it makes my skin very sticky and VERY oily after I put it on. However, it moisturizes the hell out of your skin. After I started doing this, I found my skin to be a lot less dry during the day, even when i wasn't using it.

Once I started doing that, I went back to Nucelle's moisturizer. It's expensive at $28 a bottle for 2 oz of it. Don't worry, though, this stuff will last a loong time if used like I do. With the Nucelle serum, it's 4 oz. I use 4 pumps twice a day and it still has about 1/5 the bottle left after nearly 3 months. With the moisturizer, I only use 1 pump once a day. So theoretically, this should last 16 months or so for me if the pumps are the same amount as the serum's pumps are. I doubt it will, but I can definitely see squeezing a good year out of this one bottle.

Now that my skin wasn't so dry, I started spreading 1 pump of the moisturizer on my T zone mainly. Holy crap does this stuff WORK. Before using it, I was blotting my noise/forehead/chin 4-5 times in an 8 hour shift at work. Once I started using this, I would blot my nose maybe once the entire shift and my skin wasn't nearly as shiny. Fantastic!

Right now, I'd say my skin isn't too terrible. I still have a bit of acne, but it's nothing like it was before. My skin still looks disgusting, to me, but I think I'm just being hard on myself. I took some pics of myself earlier and my skin looked pretty decent, but when I look at myself in the mirror it looks bad to me.

My point is, though, that the Nucelle products have been simply amazing for me so far. I'm hoping within 2 more months my skin will be mostly clear. I expect to get the random pimple still, but this stuff has really cleared me up. Add to that the fact that I discovered the cause of my dry skin AND a solution (well, a good start to one) for my shiny/oily skin, I couldn't be happier with these products.

Sorry for the long read but I hope this helps at least one other person like it has for me! Good luck guys

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Fabulous that you stuck with it, and hope that others won't give up in the first 2 weeks too as they try it -since they are reading your results. It does take a while to kick in and the drying does drive you nuts. I found the diva dryer mitt and use that on my face in the shower and it is incredible on exfoliating and helping with that dryness.

I would like to try their moisturizer, to keep that tzone less oily. I have read good reviews, but haven't pulled the trigger to spend more $$$ on products. Good to know it worked for you, as it helps in my decision!

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