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I am starting a log for myself. Mainly for motivation and just to keep track of how I've been doing. Today I received a comment and it really put me down so I just want this to really work and I want clear skin. Good christ do I want clear skin.

I don't really care for any comments posted on here cause this log is really just for me but whatever. Oh and I'll probably vent a lot on here too. Or just ramble. I am good at both.

This is my log of dropping BP and trying the water only regimen. Well I'm going to try at least.

Day 1

I started the whole "water only" thing last night in the shower. I woke up this morning with three new zits. Well it was more like one zit and two more clumped together. What a bummer. My face seemed a lot less oily though but I guess that was about it.

I did use BP. Not all over my face like I usually do, but just on my new breakouts. I guess I'll slowly ween myself off of it. The tube is almost empty, anyway.

In spite of the new breakouts, I was feeling pretty good about my skin today. So I left the house (haven’t done that in a while) and I went out to the mall with my friend. Lo and behold the chick at the Proactiv kiosk kept calling out to me every time I walked passed!

Whenever I think my skin is getting better, someone has to say something stupid to me and then I feel like trash again. Wow thanks guys.

No I am not going to buy your crappy Proactiv. As a matter of fact I want to get as far away from it as possible. I really want to drop my use of products in general but I'll probably chicken out. Bombarding my skin with chemicals gives me a sense of comfort.

Get a load of this. Just now I went out in the kitchen to find my camera so I could upload some pictures and I found this "acnefree" stuff sitting on the counter. I asked my mom to take me to a dermatologist and I get this instead! Okay I appreciate you caring, but after 10 years of wasting money on stuff like this, don’t you think it’s time I get to a doctor?


Gotta keep my chin up!

edit: hey I found these pictures I took when I started this regimen. they don't look very bad, granted I was in a poorly lit room. but it's all I have.

right http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v114/xlaq_/Picture506.jpg

left http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v114/xlaq_/Picture505.jpg

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Day 4

Okay just want to update this. Not that much has happened so I guess this update is kind of lame.

Those three big cyst things have faded (mostly) faster than I had thought they would but they have been replaced by two large zits on my forehead. Not a big deal but they're very pickable, which leads me to a dilemma because they're never going to heal lol. I can't keep my grubby hands off my face. You would think someone would be afraid to touch something as gross as a zitty face but I guess I will have to work on that.

I just got back from marching band practice. This year I'm playing tuba I don't know why but it's huge and super heavy. Anyway when I came home, I looked in the mirror and there was this black gunk all over my hands and arms and shoulder and neck. Also my tuba left a bruise around my mouth which looks like a mustache and I can already feel a big under the skin kind of thing forming.

I am sure that this gunky stuff plus my sweat is going to cause some sort of body acne. I am 100% sure of it. But I like band and I'm not quitting cause of some stupid zits. I'm sick of acne controlling my life.

Wow my cheeks are really soft.

I really hope this works.

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Day 5

Okay I'm not sure if this regimen is working.

There is a zit growing in my eyebrow. In my eyebrow. What in the world...

I just took a shower and spent a good lightyear or two looking over my face in the mirror. I did not pick or squeeze anything. Everything is deep under the skin and itchy. I've never had an itchy pimple before. Actually I have never had acne like this before at all. I used to get whiteheads and stuff but now it's all under the skin.

My skin is still very smooth. It's also still very blotchy.

I don't have many active pimples right now, however, the ones that I do have are big. I have lots and lots of scars/red marks though.

Since I have stopped using harsh products on my face, my zits don't seem to be leaving red marks behind when they fade. This is a good thing but I'd like it even better if I never got those zits in the first place.

Yeah. Well okay I don't have anything else to add.

One good thing about this regimen is that I'm not spending twenty minutes applying creams and lotions and gels. I just splash my face and go.

Oh and looks what's on TV right now. The Proactiv commercial.

"Oh look at me! Look at my perfect skin I achieved with Proactiv even though I never had acne in the first place!"


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Day 6

My face is all sunburnt and crispy. The sky was pitch black when I left the house, but once I got to band practice the clouds parted and I roasted. So no I wasn't wearing any sunscreen cause I thought it was going to storm and we would be inside. Hope this doesn't make me break out.

I haven't been getting any sleep, even though I just lay in bed all night. God I think I'm going to wake up tomorrow with a volcano on my chin or something lol. My body has been so stressed out, I don't know how it can function properly. This can't be good for my skin...

Well not much else to say about my regimen. My acne isn't getting better but it's not getting worse, either.

Oh but that zit in my eyebrow turned into two zits. In my eyebrow.

hey, out of interest why did you quit the bp? was it not doing anything for you?

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Day 9

Okay so everything seems to be going alright. I only have one or two active pimples and that's cause I was picking at them. So that's my fault.

Dude I just can't stop picking. I don't know why and it's so gross but I stand infront of the mirror and look for every little imperfection, and the whole time I'm telling myself "stop it, what the heck are you doing" but I just keep going.

From now on, every zit I pick I am going to shoot myself in the foot. well not really. maybe i'll flick myself with rubber bands or wear gloves or something because this is turning into a really big problem and I have to stop.

The overall tone of my face is a lot better. It's not blotchy and red anymore. I don't know if this is good or bad because my red marks are a lot more prominent now. I know these red marks aren't permanent but god how long does it take for them to go away?

Also my skin has been a lot less oily so now I don't have to wipe it down a million times a day.

Yesterday I was fighting with my mom to take that Acne Free stuff back to the store. And she did but then she came back with Stridex BP Pads even though I told her I didn't want anything. Her excuse: "They were buy one, get one free!" :doh: lol

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Day 10

I woke up this morning and my skin was perfectly clear!

just kidding! :D

okay so I have two new spots on my temple and one on my forehead. They're not that big, but they're there, and that's what matters. And I have this evil one on my chin that doesn't want to leave. It's not getting bigger but it's not going away, it's just kind of chillin.

Also I'm starting to break out on my chest and back. I have never had body acne before, but I do now. Where the heck did this come from?

I went shopping today and while I was in the fitting room, I kept staring at my acne and I could hardly pay attention to the clothes I was trying on. I hate that this is becoming such a big part of my life. My acne used to be so much worse when I was younger but it never used to bother me then.

Actually I'm not sure if my acne used to be bad. I don't remember. All I know is that I've had it for too long and I'm gettin sick of it.

I know 100% that this regimen won't work but I don't know what else to try. So I guess I'll just stick with it. Even if it doesn't clear me completely I hope it helps a little.

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Day 12

Okay first off I want to say that I had absolutely no idea it was already July.. man. July already? Are you serious?

Nothing else is really going on with my skin. Nothing good and nothing bad. I had a couple of small bumps but I picked at them so they're big now lolol.

Oh and I have a zit in my ear. Well it's not in the ear canal, maybe it's on the ear and not in it. But it shouldn't be there. Why is there a zit in my ear? I guess it's better in my ear than on the tip of my nose or something. It hurts real bad.

I meant to take pictures of my fat face but the batteries in my camera were dead. Hopefully I will have some next time I update. And when you see them, your eyes will fall right out of your head.

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Day 15

I'm going to the derm on July 25th! or is it the 24th? I want accutane

My skin is getting worse. I'm getting lots of little bumps along my cheeks and jawline and I'm getting blackheads on my chin, nose, and forehead. Maybe they're not blackheads but just clogged pores? Well I don't care what they are, I just want them to go away.

That sucker in my ear is gone. thank god

Oh and I'm getting blackheads right above my lip and I know this is from playing the tuba. Also I've noticed that the area I'm breaking out in along my back is where my tuba rubs against (left shoulder and neck). Guess I am just going to have to deal with this until marching season is over, which is in.. November :D

I'm going to start exfoliating twice a day again, just real gently with a washcloth and water. Maybe this will help with the little bumps.

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Day 17

If stress causes breakouts, then my face is going to be a cystic war zone tomorrow morning.

Today absolutely sucked. Dang. I don't even know what to do right now so I think I'll just whine about how ugly my skin looks.

My skin looks ugly.

Made some changes to my regimen. I don't really know why it was just on impulse.

In the morning I wash with some Cetaphil cleanser bar soap crap that I found in my bathroom and gently exfoliate. And I use warm water, not cold or hot.

At night I do the same thing but I put baby powder on my body (it's "Forever Fresh" scented :cool:).

So far it has done nothing. Everything so far has done nothing so it's okay, I guess.

Man I'm really sick of this. thinking of just giving up right now.

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Day 20

Another regimen change.. back to water only.

This means no cetaphil, no aloe vera, and no facial buff thing. oh but I'm keeping the baby powder lol

i think maybe i will exfoliate once in a while but not every day

Not really sure what's been going on in my head but I've just kind of stopped washing my face all together. Before bed I just go up in the bathroom, brush my teeth, and go to bed.

In the morning I wake up and go running and when I come home I take a shower and just kind of splash my face. i don't know. After stopping the use of products I've noticed that my skin doesn't get oily. Also when I wake up from not washing my face it's not really oily at all, just a little.

Well okay. What seems to be happening with my skin is this: no major breakouts. None. No huge cysts anymore, however they've been replaced with blackheads and little bumps. lots and lots of bumps. My skin tone seems even on my cheeks but it's kind of wonky around my chin and jaw.

Oh also I haven't been picking! I really want to though cause my nose has been really itchy recently and I know I could spend a good hour with those blackheads. but I have to resist.

Man! After typing that I feel itchy all over

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Day 23

I think my skin is getting worse. It looks okay when I wake up, and then I go running and take a shower and I look like a troll or something in the mirror lol. Oh well.

I popped a couple of whiteheads and now I feel really guilty :( the blackheads on my nose are turning into whiteheads and they hurt. especially this one right ot the side of my nostril lol

As promised, I have pictures. Not that anyone really wants to look at them (I know I don't) but I just want to keep progress.

I don't know how often I'll post pictures.

oh and I made an effort to go outisde to take these, hehe. :) So you can see my skin in harsh lighting.

right http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v114/xlaq_/Picture508.jpg

left http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v114/xlaq_/Picture507.jpg

yay ugly. okay bye

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Day 27

The zits just keep on coming.

Man. I got really fed up last night, and... I USED BP! ahh. I slathered that stuff on. I was drowning in BP.

And I woke up this morning and there is a big fat cysts on my cheek lol. sigh

oh well i really wasn't expecting this to work.. whatever. going to the derm in a week from today. probably won't be updating until then, because there is nothing to update anyway..

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Okay well you know what, I'm not even going to keep track of days anymore.. because eventually I'll be into day 29752360 or something. So.

Well I had my derm appointment yesterday. It SUCKED. Whoever decorated the office thought it would be a good idea to put mirrors all around the walls.. in a dermatologists office. So I was forced to stare at my ugly self lol

When I got there I saw his little assistant first, and she asks me "So why are you here today?" and I was just kind of like "...I have pimples?" Hello are you blind?

My derm hardly even talked to me. he just kind of looked at me and started writing prescriptions and I don't even know what I was prescribed, but I think it was Differin and some other BP stuff. He talked to my mom the whole time about lawsuits.


anyway the currect condition of my face is pretty nasty. basicaly, well, I have acne. little bumps have gone away since I've been using BP but now the big cysts are back. not sure which i prefer but I'd like them all to go away.

oh I can feel something growing at the tip of my nose.. gonna be rudolph for a while.

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last night was my first night of using my prescriptions..

I used benzaclin and differin. They didn't hurt or sting or anything when I put them on but I woke up and my face was kind of dry and peeling. So then I put aloe vera on.

Okay so now my regimen is..

benzaclin in the morning.

benzaclin and differin at bedtime.

and I will moisturize with aloe vera when i need it. or when i'm not being lazy.

okay well right now my skin looks HORRIBLE. it's like every single pimple in the world took a vacation to my face, and they don't want to leave lol. I have the biggest ugliest cyst on my forehead, three cysts along my jaw and lots of red marks and stuff all around.



my rudolph pimple seems to have disappeared over night...


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last night my skin hurt so bad.. i came out of the shower and it was all red and irritated and stuff. so I decided to use the benzaclin and skip the differin and use lots of aloe vera instead.

and I woke up and my skin hurt even more!! augh it's so painful. i can't even remember if i used the benzaclin this morning, but i know i used aloe vera and it stung when i used it. and i don't think it's supposed to sting...

just came back from the orthodontist. not only was i completely embarassed to have them get so close to my face but it hurt! they kept telling me to open my mouth wider but my skin hurt and i couldn't lol.

i feel so bad for people who have to deal with me and my ugly face. and i feel so ashamed to walk around in public. my face is so red, it looks like i got sunburnt! except my neck is really pale lol. sometimes i want to slather this stuff all over my neck just so it's the same color as my face

okay well these next few months are going to be extreme..

this week: band.. 7 hours of standing in the sun

next week: vacation to the beach.. all day in the sun

week after: band camp.. all day in the sun

after that: more band.. sun.

no amount of spf 9000 can save me. i am going to get BURNT!

oh yeah and lots of new cysts are popping up. whee this is fun!


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okay well I'm in Virginia right now! yep on vacation.

however I woke up this morning to lots of new bumps.. I'm guessing this is the "initial breakout". right on my vacation too. oh well. hopefully this will be over by the time i get home (senior pictures one week from today) but i know that it can last a few weeks

well I survived all last week without getting sun burn on my face (I guess tubas make for good visors). but i'm at the beach now so I will be getting lots of sun. also I've read that salt water is good for the skin, and so is pool water? well I'm going to see if I can spend a bit of time in the ocean and in the pool. maybe that will help.

my face has been very red and very very peely. like every 10 minutes i can look down on my shirt and there are these flakes of dead skin that fell. yuck... why do i have to go through this?

and where the heck are the rest of the "90% of all teens who get acne?" everyone around me has perfect skin. maybe they're all hiding lol.

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okay so I'm back from the beach. Not only is my skin absolutely fried but my acne is even worse. yay!

I hated the beach. All the girls were prancing around in there little bikinis and all the guys were running around with their shirts off and there I am with all my clothes on trying to hide my zits. hehe.

oh well.

going back to the derm some time in september. i know these topicals won't do squat so I'm hoping for some pills next time I go.

jesus you stupid pimples why won't you just leave me alone..

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yeah so...

For about two years in Virginia I had mild acne. I moved to a colder place and for two years I had moderate acne, because i started using proactiv and millions of other treatments (tetracycline, erythromycin, etc...) , which suck. In the last year that I lived there though I found this website and did the regimen. I was absolutely clear for a whole year. I move back to Virginia and all of it comes back as moderate/severe. Truth is if you go around to just mildly different climates you'll breakout, at least that's how I am. I just powered through with the regimen, did my best to ignore all of the horrific early-morning death-stares from the mirror :ninja: , and after 4 weeks, I'm just worried about getting rid of the leftover red marks. What skin needs is consistency, which is why the regimen works for so many people. When you try out different methods/regimens you confuse your skin into doing things like producing more or less oil. Your skin in turn has very powerful inflammatory responses to even mild types of acne, making them look much worse. At least this is from my experience. Find something that doesn't damage your skin, and stick to it. Dan has got the right idea.

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Okay well I just came back from band camp. My mom always says that my skin is at its worst when I come home from camp. The contributing factors:

-The sun. I have read that the sun is good in moderation, however I was spending over 10 hours a day outside. It was extremely hot and I was sweating like crazy and was constantly rubbing my face with a towel or my arms/hands

-Stress/lack of sleep

-The food. Does food have anything to do with acne? I don't know. But the food there was really bad.

-No time to shower. I shared a cabin with 23 other people and I was unable to wash my face in the morning just because there was no time and only one bathroom. I was only in the shower long enough to wash my hair and scrub the dirt off my legs.

-The water. I've read that water quality can effect the skin. Our camp's water came from a well.

-Irritation from my tuba. My mouthpiece definitely causd lots of irritation around my lips.

-Inconsistency, as the previous person said. But I am not willing to give up activities I love just because of some pimples.

Other than that.. I've noticed that these little white bumps under my bottom lip have disappeared. Also the milia under my eyes and some bumps around my nostrils are gone. I'm not sure when this happened because I haven't really been paying attention, but hey I'm not complaining.

Last night I took a nice long shower and was extra good to my skin. I actually feel clean now :)

school is starting soon and I'd like to look somewhat presentable. but we'll see what happens! come on benzaclin and differin combo!

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Right when I think my skin is looking good, a friend of mine tells me I "ought to wear make up" and that I "need to fix my face."

Thanks friend.

I'm supposed to be at a party right now but I'm too humiliated to leave the house. I think I'll just go to bed..

Current condition of my skin? I have acne. Nothing new.

Still using benzaclin twice per day and differin an night.

I have had little to no sleep and I'm very tired and stressed out.

I'm supposed to have a derm appointment on September 13, but it's currently interfering with my orthodontist appointment so that may change.

School starts on Tuesday.. I just want to look okay.

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Hmm well it's been a week or so since i've last updated.

Still breaking out.. nothing new. yawn.

my face is super red and flaky. my cheeks are very dry and itchy but my "t-zone" is oily. and it's annoying.

I've survived my first week of school without any comments about my acne but I've heard comments about other peoples acne and it still hurts.

blah blah blah pimples


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Yeah I have heard about the baking soda mask.. I guess I could try it.

Hmm well my mom cancelled my derm appointment. Sad. Oh well.

Still getting pimples. Not as many as before, though, but I'm still breaking out. I started using a clinique moisturizer/lotion thing a few days ago. My skin texture is horrible so maybe this will help.

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