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How to I get my derm to prescribe finacea

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I was just wondering how I could get my derm to prescribe finacea, I think I asked about it one time and he just side stepped it. It seems like the perfect solution to my acne which consists of a lot of redmarks, some papules, and some pustules. I hear it has an antibiotic effect and sheds skin without the needed use of a sunscreen. Right now he just has me on gycolic plus an antibiotic. Wouldn't the logical solution just be to prescribe finacea? Am I missing something? If anyone could give me some more back ground info. on the product that would be great.

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Guest jff1986

I asked my new dermatologist about it and she hadn't even heard of it. You are right about it.. from reading the wikipedia article it looks like a great all-in-one acne topical. There is one sure fire way of getting it though, buying it over-the-counter in places like Australia lol.

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I am using finacea and azelex. I got both and I really like it alot! Finacea is 15% azelic acid and Azelex is 20%. However, I read online that finacea is absorbed more so though its 15% it is stronger.

And I have read that azelex breaks some people out as it is cream based. However, I personally like the azelex better than finacea. But my forehead has some white heads so I am thinking of using financea in the tzone and azelex on the rest of my face.

I use a small blob and put it all over my face. I did not have any break out from it and my skin is becoming much clearer. It takes time. I have been using it for about 6 weeks but I am happy.

I am also taking Bactrim and use calamine to spot treat. One night I had a major zit and I put extra azalex on it and the next day it was 1/2 way gone!

My red marks seem to be fading and I am not getting cysts. I also use it on my back for redmarks.

Azelex is pretty gentle so I think you should just ask your derm if you could try it.

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