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How many of you right now are frustrated to the depths of H E double hockey stick that you cannot get a date due to the fact that your skin is outrageously horrible and you can act totally chill and make others laugh (due to the fact that you have gotten used to your skin) but your skin causes others to not want to look at your face it is that bad.

Even worse is when the girl you like goes for guys far less attractive and intelligent than yourself, but you can't get her.

& yeah, I have been here since 2004 or earlier. Accutane 3 times, and now I have other skin problems which are worse and very hard to treat. Sucks.

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I know, it's pretty frustrating. But it's best to not care about girls for a while until you're totally confident and comfortable with yourself. Hang out with your friends and have fun instead of feeling frustrated.

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Guest kiwikali


yeah it's like soooo weird. i mean girls i know who are like totally not even cute but have nice skin get dates and i don't. and what's even worse is that my acne is soooo mild that when i wear makeup it looks like i don't even have any. maybe it's my personality? hmph, i guess i AM kind of a bitch. :D

oh do you guys know how to get your pic there under your name, and edit your profile and stuff? i dont know how, i just joined yesterday!!!

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Can you take Accutane more than three times? Does it get more, or less effective each time you take it, or does it not make any difference, or does it vary person to person

shit i FUCKING HATE ACne i really do fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk iiiiiiiiitttttttttttttt

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Sorry bro, but don't listen to that crap.

Yes, confidence and humility do help somewhat, but trying to find a decent girl that goes for that while you still have terrible acne is near impossible. You said it yourself you've seen girls go for guys that are less intelligent and less attractive (without acne I'm guessing).

Just gotta face that facts man, and hope you find the right girl somewhere.

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i'll make this short.

im 18 and finished accutane about 9 months ago.. yes thats how bad it was that i took accutane.

3 months after i finished accutane i got hit by a bomb and now am on the 5th week on the retin-a/benzaclin/erythromycin regimen.

i know i'm supposed to wait until the IB's over but I'm getting some huge puss filled cysts I was wondering if this is expected. I've contemplated suicide many times due to stress caused by the sensation of being finally clear then back to acne-riddled nightmare.. but i just need to know is if these big, close to nodule cysts are expected and if i should continue to wait..

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