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My face is falling apart

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I've had mild acne for the past 4-5 years and have always tried different things to try and end it... Decided DKR might be worth a shot.

So I paid $70 (cause I live in Canada) for the treatment... First day went well, I really only had one pimple at the time, but didn't feel like seeing if it was the beginning of a breakout.

I applied everything as Dan recommended as per his video... Did a little less for the treatment.

Next day, same thing, pretty good.

On the third day, my face became really red around my cheek bones, and around my nose... The skin around this area became very irritated, and dry...

I decided to crank up the moisturizer... But to my surprise, it just made my face sting more.

Fourth day, I did a lot less of the treatment stuff, and a lot more moisturizer... Stung still, and my face was all orange and dyed looking... Still irritated, still very dry.

Went to work.

Managed to notice that my scalp was extremely dry and I had minor dandruff...

Dead skin was falling off my face... I'm a mess!

No sympathy required though, I managed to shrug it off and laugh about it, just because of how bad everything went. (It fortunately wasn't too noticeable for anyone else).

Is this natural? Do I need to adjust to it?... or have I been applying too much to start with, and not enough moisturizer?

I'm going to take a break from it until my face turns its normal colour again, and my entire upper body stops falling apart.

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Hi! How much bp did you use? One finger or 2? Or less than that? And did you do that twice a day?

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the orange may be the moisturizer, i am not sure. I use the moisturizer, but not as much as you did at that time! I have read in reviews that some other moisturizers can do that.

I would go to the forum for the acne regimen and post the question there or ask I think Brandy, one of the mods there as she is a faithful user. Give your face a break for a few days and just spot treat the acne until you feel better. But really suggest you go to that forum!

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