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What is wrong with me? -_-

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I can't take dealing with this anymore, I really can't. :/

Everyday, all I care about is my face. Almost everyday I have to worry about that one little pimple and if it looks popable, I pop it. But the problem is, the acne is mostly only on inner cheeks. Like, to the left and right of my nose. Right in the front of my face is what I mean, like above my beard line. The areas seems really fragile and sensative cause of all the popping already and marks I left. It's always blackhead filled and just weird looking. This part of my face just doesnt look like it used to when like, acne was just a puberty thing, and you had nice smooth skin with little pimples. Now it's like a disaster, all red, marked up, full of really small blackheads, smooth yet bumpy if that makes sense to anyone. It just sucks that it stands out from the rest of my face. If anyone wants, I'll take a picture, even though it's gonna depress me to look at it -_-

Well, someone please help me in any way, I wanna get over this already. Give me tips, or tell me whats wrong with my face, anything would help me at this point. Thanks<3

Oh and I've been keeping my body healthy for months now. ACV 3 times a day, fish oil pills 2-3 times a day, um, water ALL day long, ocassional fruits and veggies, juice sometimes, just everything I should be doing. I wash with "Carley's Clear and Smooth" and have been for maybe like a half a year I think. I'm all about using natural stuff, hoping it would change things. I also haven't shaved my entire face in like a year, because it seemed to REALLY irritate and damage my skin, so I've been using a beard trimmer forever now. Maybe that can be a problem? So I gotta be doing something wrong, I think I might wanna go back to the derm. I don't know, help me please! :[

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same here

The area around my nose are all red...It's really noticeable

I am going to see a derm and see if they can do anything about it...sighs

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Just wanted to hop in here and say that you're not doing anything wrong and that you're not alone! Tons of us have felt the same despair. Keep sharing, we're listening!!!

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Do you know what is causing the redness? It's not the AVC, right? I know a lot of people have redness around their nose naturally. Also - if popping zits leaves red marks, then why pop? What other treatments have you tried for your clogged pores and blackheads?

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