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Pore Strips and Differin?

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Hey, so I am clear after 12 weeks of Differin, but I still have some lingering blackheads. The blackheads are reduced by 80% from when I started using differin so that was huge improvement. I have some of those Biore pore strips that I used all the time before starting the differin. I really want to use one, but am not sure. Has anyone tried this?

My skin is not sensitive and I am fully adjusted to the differin. Can anyone tell me from personal experience if it's okay or if something bad happened to you?

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I've tried the pore strips and Differin separately, but I've never tried them at the same time, so I can't really vouch for you there, BUT:

I do think that the pore strips are a bad idea. A few years back, they were really popular because they were an amazing quick solution in getting rid of nasty looking "pre-cystic" black/whiteheads all over the T-Zone area, but from personal (and especially my mother's) experience, those pore strips are worse for you in the long run.

With continual use, the pores actually get bigger, and the worst part is that they become more indented (more crater-like). And, some of them don't re-fill with the whiteheads, so it actually can end up looking worse (like you have lots of little dents all over the creases of your nose, etc).

I think if the blackheads are REALLY bothering you, you should just go get a professional facial done, but I would avoid the pore strips if possible.

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