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facebook sure brought back memories

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I was just browsing facebook and I had a few new comments on some of my old pics with girls saying how good and sexy i looked. oh well not the case now. Also had a look at some of my friends and saw all the fun they've been getting up to the last few months enjoying themselves thoroughly.

Well my acne is mild but persistent but has left alot of marks and im one week on accutane 40mg. Hopefully things will turn around for the better and ill have that great flawless skin I once had!

Any encouragement will be good.

Anyone in a smiliar boat, I sometimes hate looking back at the contrast but at the same time it makes me realise what I might have again in the future!

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Well, I took accutane for six months and cleared up nicely. I still get the occassional blemish here and there but nothing too bad. There's a big chance your red-marks will not fade while you're on but don't get discouraged. Just remember, the important factor is the end result. Stay the course all the way through and you'll see great results.


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facebook makes me sad. i see all these pics from 3 years ago and i was nice and clear and skinny.

but i really love facebook. i use it more than myspace now. without it i wouldnt probably be in touch with friends from elementry school.

facebook has its pros and cons.

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It's amazing isnt it, especially when your clear its like a magnet, but when you have acne it can become a repellent. Well either way the guy who made it made some serious doug and can probably afford to eat accutane like a packet of m&m's

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