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If you really really want to get rid of cyst quickly within 3 days or shorter. You will need to get two things hydrocortizone 1% and Bp 5% or 2.5% either one. First apply a huge glob of hydrocortizone to the cyst. Then when you notice after about and hour goes by that the hydrocortizone has absorded in the skin then add some more keep doing this the whole day. And at night before bedtime apply a huge glob and let it sit. In the mornig which will start day two. The inflamation should be down quite a bit. Keep Applying hydrocortizone again the entire day but about 10:00 p.m. wipe the hydrocortizone off before you go to bed. And then Apply a huge glob of BP. And let that sit the entire night on you face. In the morning very gently wipe off any excess bp. Then you will be on day 3 on day 3 add another glob of BP to the area. around 9:00 p.m. the cyst should come to a head to where you can take a sewing needle and prick the whitehead and start draining it. This is the quickest way my dermatologist knows on how to home treat cyst. Without the coritzone shot. If after day 3 the cyst still remains keep BPing it as much as possiable. Within the 3 days the cyst might actually look worst when applying hydrocortizone but thats normall because its pulls the cyst flat and your seeing just how bad the inflammation was. The hydrocotizone will get the inflammation down to a point so that when the BP is applied it will be able to get to more of the core of the cyst.

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