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Anyone else's skin get really itchy?

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I'm on like day 9 of the regimen and the past 2 days the skin on my face and neck itches like crazy like 2 hours after applying the regimen. I've got mild acne on my face and moderate on my neck. I never had acne on my neck till about 2 months ago when it just went crazy.

Anyways this itching is driving me insane because I don't want to touch my face at all. My face seems to be looking a little bit better from when I started. Can't really notice yet but it's not really worse. It isn't anymore red than before either so I don't think its some sort of allergic reaction or anything. I'm also one of those people who picks a scab whenever they see it so not touching my face is hard for me especially with all this itching. The way I think of it, if I feel this stuff doing something to my face that's good.

So this super itching happen to anyone else? Oh and I use all acne.org products.

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Hi there. Yeah, itchiness is a common side effect in the early days of the regimen. In fact, I believe it may be the first question people ask in FAQ's, located under Get Clear Now. It sucks, but thankfully it's only temporary, so just try to hang in there the best you can. I also experienced some mild itch in the very beginning, altho it didn't give me too much grief, and it eventually passed after my skin adjusted to the BP.

You can try putting an ice pack or even a bag of frozen peas or whatever you have around on the itchy spots if it's particularly bad. However, if the itch gets progressively worse, you notice a prickly rash, hives, or crusting, then stop BP use immediately and go to the doctor. This would indicate an allergy to BP.

Hope this help! :)

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